OSIM uRobic Event at Great World City- Workouts on the uRobic- Mix it up with Fun!

I have participated OSIM’s uRobic event held at Great World City on 15 January 09. On the event itself, there was a mass workout session with cool perfect music while exercising. The crowning of the OSIM’s uRobic challenge winner who has lost so much weight of 4 inches on her waist with the use of OSIM’s uRobic was also witnessed! Surely everyone had a great time.  At the event, beside product trials there were a series of programs and quiz arranged. The quiz was about fitness which made the participants excited to answer on how well they know about fitness. Fabulous prizes were given away for the OSIM’s uRobic mass workout, vouchers, won prizes in the quiz such as OSIM’s uScale and other exclusive offers only available at this event. 


Let’s look at some photo shots of the various activities during the OSIM’s uRobic mass workout event! 


Getting changed with the free OSIM uRobic shirt

Getting changed with the free OSIM uRobic shirt

a gentle warm-up with our trainer from True Yoga Ms. Amy

a gentle warm-up with our trainer, Ms. Amy

all are synchronizing with the trainer

all are synchronizing with the trainer



I would also like to thank OSIM for a fantastic event and has truly informed a lot of people that exercising can make your daily regime a fun activity. You can workout while doing various other activities. Yes, you can watch your favorite show on the television while twisting your body out on OSIM uRobic, chat with your partner and can also listen to music.

OSIM’s uRobic is truly an exemplary and innovative exerciser! The twisting motion really works on my tummy and waist! (Go and Try! it can work on yours too!) I felt the burning and sweat while using OSIM uRobic.


Meeting new friends with all the participants who have joined during this whole event was also one thing. Not to mention that there were lots of exclusive offers and goodie bags OSIM has offered to everyone. It was a blast! I would highly recommend OSIM uRobic to my family and friends so as to experience the wonder it can offer. J



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