OSIM uRobic Interview with Winnie Yap

Pose for the Camera! Winnie,taking her solo shot photo with OSIM uRobic.

Pose for the Camera! Winnie,taking her solo shot photo with the OSIM uRobic.


What convinced you to use the uRobic?

I actually wanted to slim down for quite a long time already but lets say if I work it out at the gym or what, I’d have to walk out of the house. So, I think the uRobic is quite useful and I can watch TV while I use it at home. Because it’s more convenient and then I can have my shower right after that.


What were your expectations of the uRobic?


I was aiming to have a slender waist and of course together with the weights attached to it then I will have a, maybe slim down of the arms and thighs. My major target is the waist.


Was the uRobic easy to use? Please explain your answer.


Yeah, it’s very easy to use. But at first when I was at the session, I thought that without the instructor’s help, I would not be able to work it out that good. I took part in the uRobic challenge then only I got to use it.


How often did you use the uRobic? Describe your exercise routine.


I use about 2 to 3 times a week only. And for each time I will use for about 30 minutes including warm up and cooling down exercise.


Did you enjoy using the uRobic?


Yes, I enjoy using it because it’s very fun. Even my friends who came to my house, when they saw the uRobic, they also wanted to use it and they actually tried it. Each of them tried it. They saw it from the TV commercials and they actually recognize it as the uRobic.


How effective was the uRobic? Did it meet your expectations?


It really did meet my expectations, out of my expectations. Because it’s actually for 2 to 3 times a week then I can lose 2 to 5


What changes have you noticed after using the uRobic? (Cite actual statistics i.e. lost 2 inches on hips, or attitude change i.e. more confident to wear bikini).

I notice my arms and thighs are more toned up when I use with the weights.


How would you rate the performance of the uRobic? (Rate from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, elaborate reason for such rating).


4.5, because it’s quite bulky. I have to shift it sometimes because my house is very small, it’s because of the space constrain.


Would you recommend the uRobic to others? Why?


Yes, definitely because it’s really convenient and a fun exercise to work it out if you want to slim down and I will certainly continue to use it.



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