Testimonial from Juanna Lee about OSIM uRobic

Juanna, posing with OSIM uRobic.

Juanna, posing with the OSIM uRobic.


How did you know about the uRobic?

I got to know about the uRobic when it first came out in the stores, I think it’s one of the electrical stores and they have this video playing and what attracted me was the video because the equipment looks like the iGallop. But it has the twisting motion and it looks really easy.


What were your expectations of the uRobic?


Actually I didn’t really expect much because it’s just a twisting motion and it looks really easy. So I didn’t expect it could actually help me lose anything at all. I just find it a bit fun. It looks a bit interesting.


What workouts did you do on the uRobic?


My favorite is the walking motion, like the running pose with the legs lifted up. I feel like it’s really easy but you can feel the tension on the arms, on the tummy and on the thigh and legs when you lift up your legs. But it’s really easy movements, it’s just a repetitive movement and you do feel tired after some time.


How effective was the uRobic? Did it meet your expectations?


I lost 2 inches off my waist as measured and it was a surprise to me .


What changes have you noticed after using the uRobic? (Cite actual statistics i.e. lost 2 inches on hips, or attitude change i.e. more confident to wear bikini).


After the exercise, I noticed that I don’t feel that hungry during my daily routine.


How would you rate the performance of the uRobic? (Rate from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, elaborate reason for such rating).


4, because it’s a sitting down equipment and maybe for myself I prefer standing and moving. Because sitting down it feels like the butt doesn’t really work out that much.


Would you recommend the uRobic to others? Why?


I actually recommended to my friends because this equipment you can put it in front of your TV and you just sit on it and just do. Or probably before bedtime or when you get up, you just sit on it and you do your thing.


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