A Chat with Jeanette

(An OSIM Exclusive)

During the photoshoot with the uSqueez Warm, I managed to have a chat with her during one of the breaks. Jeanette shares with us the excitement on her latest endorsement, OSIM uSqueez Warm.


Why did you choose to endorse the uSqueez Warm?

I believe in OSIM, having owned and are using so many OSIM products. And I love the feeling of a good massage.


I tried the uSqueez Warm and I love it! I think it is a very, very good product, especially the heat function. I also like the rollers that stimulate my reflex points. Because of work, I don’t get much time to go to masseurs. So it’s great to have an all-in-one leg massager to relax my legs after a long day of acting.


How do you think it suits your daily lifestyle?

Since I am involved in acting most of the day, running around and doing stunts, having a uSqueez Warm massage at the end of the day really relaxes me.


I also think it is a great product for dancers! When you dance, you have to do a lot of point work which involves strenuous pressure on your feet and the arch of your soles. The uSqueez Warm really helps to relax the tensed muscles. Its heat therapy will also help to relieve aches and pains in the feet.


And you know, it works great for me after I attend formal functions in high heels. I used to get toe cramps when I wear heels for a long period of time. The uSqueez Warm is a true blessing to girls who want to look pretty and elegant in heels the whole day!


Have you tried other leg massagers before?

No, but I go for reflexology sessions occasionally. However, I can’t go for reflexology everyday due to my hectic schedule. 15 minutes everyday in the uSqueez Warm is just as good as having a personal foot masseur!


Being the hottest star right now, you need to look good all the time. How do you care for your priceless gams?

(Laughs) You flatter me! Well, I moisturize my legs religiously. I go for spa pedicures. I get treated to luxurious scrubs, masks and really good massages on my legs. It’s a really pampering experience.


With the uSqueez Warm, I can do the same at home. I got some DIY soothing spa products to do the scrubbing and cleansing. Then dip my legs into the uSqueez Warm for a hot massage. It’s great!


You mentioned you own many OSIM products. What are they?

Actually, the very first item I bought with my first credit card was an OSIM massage chair for my parents. My Dad loves a good massage chair. I hope they were touched! It’s a rather old model and I’m considering doing a trade-in for a new chair.


The latest OSIM product I own is the uSpace which I bought last June for my birthday. I decided to reward myself with the massage chair that relaxes my mind, body and soul after working so hard.


The other items I have at home are iLife, uSurf, uPapa and iCare 200. I also took the uZap which my Mum bought for my Dad! (chuckles)


This is your first product endorsement since your breakthrough role in the Little Nonya. You must be really excited!

My last endorsement was in 2006. So yes, I’m excited!


Are you picky about what you endorse?

I choose to endorse what I believe in. Definitely, I prefer to have used the products I’m endorsing, experienced and liked the products. Only for such endorsements, I can readily give information about the products and rattle off about the features enthusiastically. You can see when I actually enjoy the products, or am just reciting the functions off the product information sheet.


Watch out for our next post! Jeanette talks about her passions in life.


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