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Behind-the-scenes Photoshoot

(An OSIM exclusive)

Here are some never seen before photos from the OSIM photoshoot with Jeanette.

The crew fusses over the new queen

Jeanette checks out her pcitures
Jeanette checks out her pictures
Jeanette takes a break

Jeanette takes a break

Jeanette enjoys a hot spa experience

Jeanette enjoys a hot spa experience

It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!


Stimulating Reflex Points On The Soles Of Your Feet Can Make You Healthier!

Foot reflexologyDid you know that stimulating relex points on the soles of your feet can make you healthier?

Our feet are like the command centre of the entire body, with reflex points that correspond to various organs of the body.  Each foot represents a vertical half of the body and all the organs found there.  Frequent massage of these reflex points benefits the corresponding organs as it helps to relieve tension, encourage the positive flow of energy and put the body in balance, thus improving overall well-being.

If it’s not convenient for you to go for professional foot massages on a regular basis, consider investing in a foot massager.  This is usually more economical than going to a foot spa PLUS it gives you the convenience of a daily foot massage in the comforts of your home.  All at a fraction of the cost.

When selecting foot massagers, it is important to consider the following:

1) Coverage

Coverage refers to the surface area of your leg that comes into contact with the massager. For effective massage of reflex points,  select a good foot massager that gives you a wide coverage.  Wraparound foot massagers provides close contact and are very popular these days.

2) Extra features

Extra features like having a heat function can greatly improve the benefits of the massage session.  The warmth can improve your blood circulation and aid in the recovery process.  This is one feature you will be very grateful for, particularly in winter.    Stick your cold feet into the massager and feel the warmth spread from your legs to the whole body.  Not only does it give you a good massage,  the heat relaxes and comforts the body.

3) Price

Don’t just go for the cheapest massager in the market.  Go for one that delivers the biggest bang.  Example:  If you have to choose between a $200 sole massager and a $500 massager that massages your calves, ankles and feet at the same time + heat, choose the latter. Because when you break it down feature by feature, you’ll find that you’re enjoying more features at lesser cost.

My personal favourite is this one.