Caring For Your Feet

Your feet are the most neglected part of your body. You force them into tight shoes, pound them on the road and neglect to care for them properly.

Caring for your feet helps to reduce or eliminate pain and deformities such as bunions, corns and calluses.

Here are some tips:

  • Wash your feet daily in warm water. Rinse off all soap and dry thoroughly, especially between toes.
  • Trim nails straight across, and not too short. Don’t cut or dig at corners.
  • Wear clean socks or stockings daily. Avoid too tight socks or stockings.
  • Wear shoes that fit and are comfortable.
  • Choose shoes made of leather or canvas – not synthetics.
  • Aviod wearing high heeled shoes that exceed 2 inches for too long a time.
  • Use foot powder and switch shoes from day to day if your feet sweat more than others.
  • Walk! This is the best form of exercise for your feet.
  • Pamper your feet by giving them a soothing foot massage on the uSqueez Warm. This not only relaxes you but helps to improve blood circulation to your feet.

(Image courtesy of; Health information is provided by the Health Promotion Consultancy, National Healthcare Group.)


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  1. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

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