Jeanette and Mum

(An OSIM exclusive)

We caught up with Jeanette amidst her busy schedule. She shares with us on her relationship with her Mum.

What role does your Mum play in your life? How important is she to you? 

My family is very important to me, especially my parents. My mother has been there for me, giving me support in everything that I do and her love for me is unconditional. Family will always be the number one priority to me.


What does your Mum do for you that make you feel most ‘warm’ and fuzzy inside?

Whatever my mummy does for me will always make me feel warm. She messages me every evening to ask how my day has been, waits up for me, cooks soup and birdsnest for me whenever she feels I’ve been working too hard or have irregular and long hours. And even though there may not be any special occasions, she still buys me gifts when she thinks of me.


Has your Mum tried uSqueez Warm? Which is her favourite functions?

Yes, my mummy has tried the uSqueez Warm. She likes the Warm Air and Turbo Vibration Massage. The warmth helps to let her relax, and the vibration massage applies the kind of pressure that she is comfortable with. She also likes the feel of her relaxed feet after the massage.


Which features of uSqueez Warm is most similar to your Mum’s unique brand of TLC?    

Warm Air Technology is like the warmth that I get from mummy’s love, care and concern. Wrap-Around Power Squeeze is like the protection that mum gives me with her love.


Reasons you will recommend uSqueez Warm to be an ideal Mothers Day Gift? 

Mothers deserve to be pampered and showered with love. For all that they have done for us, this is a little something that we can do for them – A gift that provides them with massages and benefits for their total well being. It is a healthy gift and also something that they can use constantly.

Here’s a first look at the commercial Jeanette did for OSIM, specially for Mother’s Day!


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