Live a healthier life NOW!

Dear readers, we would love to share some useful health tips with you, as we understand that it is vital to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle in the midst of your busy schedules. Whether you are a student, an office worker or a home-maker, there will be times when your health and wellness conditions would be neglected. But fret not, OSIM is here to share with you some practical tips that you could utilise in your daily lives!

Drink MORE water and LESS juice/soda everyday
This may sound simple, but to some this may be a chore! The simple trick is to make water your one and only choice of drink. If this proves to be difficult, drink some fresh juice during breakfast and stick with plain water for the rest of the day!

Cut back on the food you have on your plate. Remember, less is the new more!
Just when you are about to put that extra serving on your plate, think twice! A good way is to use a salad plate to serve your meals instead of using your standard dinner plate.

Savor your food by eating slowly
Instead of gobbling down your food, take time to eat and enjoy every mouthful of your meal. This is important, as your brain would be able to get the message that you are full and you no longer need any more extra servings for the time being.

Ten minutes of walking daily
All you need is ten minutes! Just by walking up and down the stairs for ten minutes could keep you and your heart healthy. Try it out for yourself today!

Follow these simple tips to a healthier YOU! Remember to check back on our blog regularly for any new useful articles like this. Also, be sure to sign up for OSIM’s e-club to get the latest news and updates from us!


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