Introducing OSIM Friends

Good day dear blog readers,

OSIM is excited to present to you OSIM Friends, our new platform to introduce interesting individuals from all walks of life who would love to share their OSIM experiences with us here.

In our very first installment of OSIM Friends, we are pleased to introduce to you 3 very lovely ladies: Gladys, Janie and April. All 3 ladies are ex-air stewardesses who are each leading active and fufilling lives.

Gladys is a full-time young mum who juggles between giving the best to her family and leading a health & beauty-centric lifestyle. She is an avid jogger who believes that one should channel positive thoughts, as mental health will lead to physical health. She uses her OSIM uSqueez regularly and is currently exploring more OSIM products best suited for her family.

Janice Photos (2)
Janie is a budding marketeer who enjoys active marathon running. She is your friendly girl-next-door who is ever-ready to dispense advices to you. She strives for her best to lead a healthy lifestyle and believes that a positive mindset and a happy heart is the key to overcome all problems. She uses her OSIM uSqueez after a hard day’s work and enjoys all OSIM products.

April's FB profile
As April climbs the ranks of the real estate industry, she makes sure that she has enough time for fun too. Being a social butterfly, April believes in “living life to the fullest and trying out everything before you die”. She is an OSIM supporter and is keen to look into more OSIM products to suit her busy professional and social lifestyle.

Together, the 3 ladies will be contributing on our blog for a duration of 3 months. Not only will they share with you their OSIM experiences, but also how do they include OSIM products into their daily lives. Besides that, they will share with you their personal day-to-day life experiences and health/wellness tips.

With such interesting individuals coming to your way, be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more of OSIM Friends in the coming weeks!


One response to “Introducing OSIM Friends

  1. how can i become an osim friend too?

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