Shaping Up in Transition

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Raise your hands if you have aspired to be a self-made independent woman since young. What was your first step and how did you fare? Well, as for me, I did it at the tender age of 18. Dying to break free from the protective arms of my mother, the only way is to find a job that brings me out of this sunny island regularly. What better way than to live the dreams of many young Singapore girls?

Flying as a career has exposed me to many things, forming a “mould” of what I am today. Knowledge on personal decorum, social etiquette, personalized service attitudes and understanding of different culture, cuisine, and lifestyles are just a few to mention. Most important of all, how we present and carry ourselves is something which will benefit me throughout my life.

When most of my peers are busy mugging over examinations in the library during their university days, I’ve embarked on a different journey, which is digging into my purse in ensuring I look my best at all times. Make-ups, skincare, perfumes, body scrubs and moisturizers, monthly visits to beautician and hairdresser, spas etc. Youth waits for no one. How can we delay the ageing process especially when I love my sun-kissed skin to be golden brown forever?

April Suntanning

Normal skincare is essential no matter how tired you can be. Cleanse, tone and moisture. I believe in frequent facial with extractions. Only then, whatever you apply works. Hydrating masks fortnightly after face scrubs. Always use sunscreen on the face. The sun is hottest between 11am and 3pm so limit your exposure during this time. The Australians had the “Slip, Slap, Slop” campaign – slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat.


For sun worshippers, always use sunscreen and not sun tanning oil without SPF. You will still get a tan. Remember to be generous with moisturizer after the tanning session. I find this rule very useful: If your shadow is shorter than you – seek the shade, as this means the UV rays are literally sky high!

I’m sure you have friends who lament to another about how mature the latter look, only to find out that they are much younger than they look. Of course, the recovery comment is to highlight that they are mature in their thinking and outlook towards life, and their disposition, instead of appearances. I suppose such words are pleasing to the ears, and therefore, the panic button is not activated. This is why some of my peers continue with their clubbing lifestyle, late nights, “a pack a day” addiction, and weekly roasting of skin without reservations. My sincere advice to every self-loving lady out there, start taking care of yourself as soon as possible. I regret not doing more for myself earlier.

I am thankful for my job in the airline. It has allowed me many opportunities for adventure and new experiences in my most active years. Those were the days I could get on with my activities immediately without replenishing my loss of sleep from working on the aircraft. If you had the chance to be at a place you always wanted to go, would you go to sleep or jump at the opportunity to get down to your activities on a holiday? I was glad I made full use of my time and until today; it brings back countless fond memories and sense of achievement. At least, I could proudly announce I’ve skydived in Christchurch and ridden a camel in Egypt.

Sky Diving

These days, however, I do feel a drop in my energy. Maybe it’s the work stress and personal expectations? Or is it due to age catching up? I feel more tired than ever even when I stick by 8 hours sleep nightly. Does the body system and resistance change so much in 10 years? I have spoken to many female friends who are working in the sales industry and corporate environment. Most are frequently tired and jaded from chasing numbers and in the journey to excel. Do you feel the same way? Any suggestions to what could be done to improve and regain the zest?

With stress building up, the body is also reacting hand in hand. Back and shoulder aches from the many hours in front of the computer, tired eyes, headaches etc. Priorities have changed. Instead of keeping myself updated on where’s the most happening club, my friends and I are constantly on the prowl for ways, products and food to improve our wellness. Birds of feathers flock together, so they say. We are clear it’s worth the time. We want praises in our later years for our efforts.

Our first investment in such products was in uZap. Each of us own this green, mean zapper. Subsequently, some of us bought the uSqueeze, iCare, and uPapa.

There’s a new product in the market by OSIM. It’s the uKimono, endorsed by the famous Taiwanese girl band, S.H.E. Have you seen or tried it? How is it doing for you?


I can see how I can further benefit from this enhanced version since I’m already a big fan of uZap. Pity the stock is not going to be replenished, according to the staff at OSIM Great World City. But fret not, there’s uKimono!  I’m really excited about it. Will be writing about my experience with the colorful trios in my next article.

Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Shaping Up in Transition

  1. hi April,

    thanks for your skin care tips! “Slip, Slap, Slop” and “Shadow length ” is especially informative and i agree totally! I wonder if vain Singaporeans would slip their shirts and slap a hat on though…we’re talking big floppy hats here to do the trick right? 🙂

    I travel pretty often myself. Can i find out if the uKimono can be used in major countries? Do i need a separate adapter,especially for the United States( 110v)?

  2. Hallo Frequentflyer!,

    Ukimono is very user friendly.

    Yeap, we will just need the separate travel adapter to be able to use it while overseas or/and in U.S.

    Have fun travelling and exercising in style! =)

  3. Hi FrequentFlyer,

    Sorry for the late reply. Just made a U.S run. Found homegrown OSIM at their shops too! *proud* 😀

    I’m sure vain Singaporean Girls loves big hats. I’ve got many besties beach babes who owns big hats as part of the accessories for the day out! 🙂

    Singapore uses 240v, therefore it is essential to get a voltage transformer to allow safe usage in the U.S.

    Have fun jetsetting! Cheers.

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