A Revelation!

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Written by: Janie

A piece of consolation and hope after chatting with my friends – most of them are facing the same problem of having spare tires around the waist and thighs! So it is not just MY body that is going haywire. The good thing is that we are still in time to hop on the health-wagon to a stronger and more toned body.

Julie & Julia

After watching Julie & Julia, the idea of updating my fat-busting journal struck me (in the movie, Julie blogs her progress in cooking all of Julia Child’s 524 recipes in a year). In a way you guys are my witnesses, giving me support and motivation…what do you think? Is it feasible?

Oh, last week while having my dinner, I caught the ads of the new slimming belt, uKimono by OSIM. It looks so cute, compact and sweet with the Taiwanese group, S.H.E as their ambassadors! My friends and I will always pick their songs when we karaoke. Heh.


You can also view their girly video on the official OSIM website, http://www.osim.com.

The new uKimono looks so compact and stylish that they remind me more of a waist pouch than a slimming massage belt. The best part? They come in 3 different colors: orange, red and purple to suit the daily modern lifestyle. Such chirpy colours! My favourite colour has got to be red, what’s yours?

OSIM uKimono - 3 colours

The new uKimono is the combination of Twin Power Osimotion and Double Kneading massage technology that help to break down fats on tummy and have toning effects for the butt and thighs!

A big plus factor to get it is because it can also help relieve lower back aches and pain, perfect for my mum’s back condition. She is now relying on loads of supplements and they are very expensive. Hopefully, this can give her some relief.

Janie!Honestly, I will not mind using them in the office as they are not bulky or cumbersome, OL will know what I mean, having to sit at the desk the whole day.  I can also bring it along on overseas trips without having to worry about giving up precious shopping space in my luggage. Most importantly, I can exercise with style!

Woo, I think uKimono is also very suitable for new moms who are trying to shed those post natal fats.

Lately, some of my friends have given birth and they have been trying to lose weight or at least go back to their original size. According to them, it is an extremely uphill task and most of them complain that they take ages to doll up because of the dilemma of not being able to squeeze into their pre-pregnancy clothes.

So fathers, boyfriends and sons, this is the perfect gift for both your loved ones and yourself too! =) And 3 different colors, one for your gf/wife/yourself, your mum and mothers in-law…plenty to go around. Purchases can be made online too, so there are no excuses really.

Ladies, are you interested to journal the progress of shedding those fats? I sure am! Please leave me your blog address…we can start, update and spur each other on until we see the results! It will be fun! =)


5 responses to “A Revelation!

  1. i agree that post-natal fats are really hard to shed. i hv never been able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes even though i still keep them, hoping that one day, i will still be able to! this uKimono looks promising indeed and hope to see more reviews about it before taking the plunge and buying a set online! thanx for the post!

  2. I watched Julie&Julia too! It’s hilarious! And I tried the ukimono set at a particular osim shop the other day. I find the ukimono on the thighs is a very fresh idea. Useful for people like me who wishes to shed off my huge thighs. Am seriously inspired to gettin one.

  3. Hallo Lagoon,

    Why not give uKimono a shot in one of their (many) outlets? The friendly sales personnels will be most helpful! Shall more more reviews soon =)

  4. Hey Na,

    Great movie iszit it? =)

    The uKimono is very innovative yeah and think you should invest in one! which colors do you fancy?

  5. Thank you for the sound critique. Me and my neighbour were just setting up to do some research about this. I am very happy to see such great information being shared freely out there.

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