S.H.E on 6th & 7th Nov for OSIM uKimono

S.H.E was in town this past weekend for the uKimono press conference (6th Nov at ION Orchard) and autograph session (7th Nov at Causeway Point). It was truly a treat for all OSIM and S.H.E fans out there who came to support!

S.H.E shared with everyone at the press conference about how OSIM uKimono helps them to stay healthy and slim even in the midst of their busy schedules. If you’ve missed any of it, let us show you some interesting shots that were taken over the weekend: 

Selina, Hebe and Ella posing for the cameras with their uKimonos

Say cheeze with Hebe!

S.H.E with the Roly Poly Fat Monster

Say hello to S.H.E and their uKimonos!

S.H.E at uKimono press conference at ION Orchard:
S.H.E with their bright uKimonos

S.H.E told reporters about their love for uKimono!

The 3 girls were also at Causeway Point the following day for an autograph session for their fans:
The enthusiastic crowd that greeted S.H.E in Causeway Point

S.H.E explained to the crowd about the advantages of uKimono

Signing of autographs for uKimono diary

S.H.E signing on their uKimono figures

Check back here on OSIM’s blog in the coming week for exclusive videos from the weekend!


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