Weight Loss!


Octopus Jitters: Taken in the suite prior to the delivery of our wedding speech in June 2008.

wedding jitters

I remember telling him that I was feeling nervous, and he demonstrated his naughty octopus gesticulation to comfort his wife.  Bear often makes an ‘octopus face’ to cheer me up, and squeals when he succeeds in making me laugh. Indeed, laughter’s the best medicine for us in our “oh, so stressed-up” little country.

People who know me know I embrace life and happiness because of the unique life experience I have had. In fact, everyone has a unique one, and every individual’s life differs. I believe in laying my hands on the pretty things I fancy because life is too short.

After our wedding and one pregnancy later, both the husband and I embarked on the fight towards our horizontal expanding waistline. For Bear, he directed it to the result of eating all my left-overs because of the erratic appetite during my pregnancy. He became the dust-bin literally because I was so fond of eating many irregular meals during the last trimester, but never seemed to finish all my food. That accounts for the extra 18kg I gained over the 9-month period. Scary huh?

He loves…

Bowling. A former avid gym-goer, he is still paying for the monthly gym membership fees but has not stepped foot into that place for the past 16 months.  “Too crowded” he said.

Bowling has become his passion during my pregnancy as I was having this whole day morning sickness which confined me to bed literally.

The man looks like he is gearing up for some serious competition, short of becoming an aspiring national bowler. But hey, he has started to bowl competitively on a small scale, so I am still proud of his little slimming hobby lah 😉

hubby's cherry red bowling ball

Hubby and his cherry red bowling ball

I love…
shopping, massages and anything that keeps my body moving effortlessly.  I do enjoy an occasional jog along the breezy ocean a stone’s throw away from our home. Wind in my hair, beating against my face and the adrenaline rush; pounding in rhythm with my favourite song on my ipod.


A pair of pretty shoes keeps me running!

If time doesn’t permit (hah, excuses!) or the soul’s feeling lazy, I fall back on my trusty lemonade diet and the OSIM uZap for an effortless zap off the flabby waistline daily for a week before attending any social functions with my loved ones. It is every girl’s dream, both young and the mature to look pretty!


Kimmi with mummy’s 2 year old slimming gadget

And perhaps vanity is not confined to only the ladies, because I find the husband stealing my uZap to strap on his size 36 waistline in the evenings after a long day at work *horror* and I’m so afraid that he would out-use it one day. Maybe I’ve been thinking about this so much that the universe decides to give me the uKimimi (uKimono – name changed to protect the innocent).

Look, Kimmi! Here’s mommy’s new toy 😉


My uKimimi sitting on my purple bed, in my purple room 😉

A similar experience that most of my girlfriends and I encountered was the itchiness that puts us in a quandary. If you jog, you should also experience some form of itchiness on your thighs after jogging for some distance. I get that all the time, because

  1. I don’t jog enough
  2. There is intense blood circulation in the thigh area due to the work-out. In this case here, I know that the work-out is effective because my fats and cellulites are being dispersed and transferred through the blood to the muscles to be use as energy.
  3. Those old-bird joggers shared that the itchiness is really just the initial phase. After regular jogging sessions, the itch disappears as the muscles and legs tones up. This one I know 😉

In conclusion and my understanding, most of us feel the itch because of that available “spare bulge” on our problem areas. These are good target areas for the oscillating and kneading capacities powered by a little pretty device that also offer these benefits. So the moral of the “no pain no gain” story is, “tahan” the itch (takes about a week) and we’ll all be on our way to a slimmer silhouette! *fingers crossed for us ladies*

For those of you who just jumped onto the slimming belt bandwagon, my uKimimi comes with a double kneading function that its predecessor, the uZap lacked. So you can actually make use of this brilliant feature for other body areas like the lumbar (back) and thighs effectively.

And at this very moment that I’m ending this off, I am proud to say that I have strapped the uZap on my thigh, and my new toy on my tummy for a good 20 minutes of effortless work-out. I’m feeling glad already! 😉

Do you have any tips on how you utilise your work-out gadgets? Tell me!




2 responses to “Weight Loss!

  1. Thx for the informative post! I think my girlfriend will like to own the ukimono.. And Kimmi is super cute! 🙂

  2. stanleyronniestanleygarethstevenwilliamrichardronnienigelwendybradlysomeonestanleySam Johnson

    I should really be cooking. But I can’t leave this place

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