Shaping up – then & now

Written by April

April LeeMost of my friends tell me, no matter how tired or frustrated you are at work, always make time for exercises. They advise that a workout not only put you in good shape physically, it is therapeutic as well.

As for me, I play badminton weekly. I try to jog, cycle and wakeboard at least once a week. I have lots of other hobbies like roller-blading and horse-riding. But it’s been a long time since I revisited. I should really try to fit it back to my schedule as I really miss doing it. I just took up golf and definitely looking forward to hone my skills on the green. I love exercises that are thrilling or in the form of games. Injects a little fun and keeps you going for more.

Oh! How can I miss another favorite hobby that I’ve been doing all these years and still enjoying? I love to dance. When I was younger, I can step into a club and danced till the lights come on. On one occasion in Hong Kong, my colleague called me an energizer bunny. I danced nonstop from 11pm-5am! I emerged from the club drenched in my own perspiration. How uncool…

The last time I really danced in a club was last Christmas. As you get older, the skin gets thinner. I was too shy to show too many of my moves, pitting myself against the 20somethings don’t seem right. I switched to another form of dancing. Now, I do Salsa and other social dances like Rock ‘n’ Roll and Waltz. This should take me another few decades.

KeepInShape (Salsa Competition)

However, none of these work on specific target area of the body. I should think I have the same complaints as many thousands of other women on earth… What happened to those 8 packs on my abs when I was 18? Why do I have billiard table-like thunder thighs? How did those dimples get onto my upper thighs? Where are the toned lean arms and the mice? What can I do to keep my best asset, the butt, perky? And OMG! The spare tires are building up around my waist! Are there any more complaints to add on to my list? I’m sure I left out some…

cellulite photo

* Sorry, didn’t mean to spoil your visual appetite with this. But studies have shown that even the sweet young things are susceptible to cellulite. And the main culprit?


I call this close friend of mine a “gymnasium addict”. I even begin to think she has a share in the fitness club. She insists how a personal trainer can tailor a program to individual needs and aims at working out the target area. Very disciplined and motivated (I’m not sure if it’s because of the trainer though), she visits 4 times a week. I hope she miraculously misses the next sentence. I don’t see very much improvement. Ouch. And where’s the fun and relaxation? I see it as a massive torture session!! (Yes, I’m waiting to be assassinated. Feel free to voice out here to educate my ignorance.)

Most of my friends give up exercising for many reasons, or is it excuses? Too tied up at work, no one to look after their little tots, too many things to do and too little time, 24 hours in a day but never a good time, injury, menstrual cramps, choosing shopping over exercising, don’t like to be sweaty, lazy, and the list goes on. What’s your pick? Or are you the exercise maniac who’ll go jogging during your hour lunch break in Shenton Way?

New inventions and innovations are my best friend. OSIM’s uKimono came into the picture, allowing us to keep in shape “the lazy way”. Now, the rest is history.

I was asked to review the product and I quickly took up the opportunity. At a point, I couldn’t even wait. I raced to an OSIM shop and requested for a demonstration by the sales representative. He was very detailed and as enthusiastic as I am. The demo set was in a happy orange although my eyes were fixated on the shocking pink.

uKimono 3 colours

uKimono is definitely for me, I thought to myself. I want my abs back and the fats out, I need my butt to defy gravity, and I need those cute dimples from my thighs to disappear forever. This is the best of 3 worlds! And my favorite part is that I can use it on my lazy days on the couch, while working from home, and most importable of all, it’s affordable. They also have referral incentives which I found excellent.

My maiden experiences with uKimono made me want to lure my friends into parting with their dollars. I’m certain they will thank me for it. For you ladies out there, let’s mix business with pleasure! 🙂


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