OSIM uKimono Event with S.H.E.

Written by Gladys

gladys.profile116 November 2009 – Janet and I were invited to the OSIM Event where I got to be up and close to the cutesy Taiwanese trio group – S.H.E Press Conference

Did you know that OSIM is located at Basement four of Orchard Ion? I only knew on that day, and I was impressed with not only the event itself, but also the employees who serve the Singapore owned business.

at OSIM in ION Orchard

Under the strict guidance of the well-trained sales personnel Edward, he showed us the demo of their new baby, the uKimono.

3 lovely colours

This pretty device is available in three bright and happy colours, Sunkist Orange, Misty Lavender and Vibrant Red. How can one resist such a pretty sight?


The best part of all, it targets the main areas I’m most concerned with, my tummy, butt and flabby thighs! Janet and I had fun trying out this twin powered osimotion that comes with an additional kneading function developed by Dr. Koto. Takayoshi, a Shiatsu Massage Expert in Japan.

Gladys_Wk1.2.pic7After the demo, we were ushered by the amicable OSIM staff to our VIP seats, the front row of the Press Conference! Yummy finger-food was dished out and cocktails resembling the 3 vibrant colours of the uKimono were served to the press and friends of OSIM.

I wasn’t expecting something like this honestly! We were thrilled! Such a pity that April and Janie couldn’t join us in this star-studded event.

When 93.3 DJ Junwei announced the arrival of the superstar trio, I recalled myself snapping away endlessly at the three petite silhouettes on my canon camera. The trio superstars are really as cute as they seem on television.

S.H.E. fans

Fans anticipating the arrival of OSIM’s new ambassadors, S.H.E.


Check out their matching colours of their uKimonos and the cups! We have to give credit to the marketing people of OSIM for that.


Gladys_Wk1.2.pic11S.H.E Hot tips: The audience looked on as Selina demonstrates the stretching exercise she incorporates with the uKimono to expedite the slimming process.  Hebe also reveals that apart from using the uKimono, a healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining her figure. For Ella, she loves the uKimono because it enhances blood circulation and relieves aches for her body as she dances a lot for her concerts.


Pretty confetti greeted my face at the end of the star-studded event. All the fans of S.H.E were happy!



The marvellous staff of OSIM

From Left: Miss Sabrina and Mr Edward. Thank You very much!

Lastly, I have to mention this new baby on my wish-list, the OSIM uMist

Hydration is a must for dewy skin for girls like me who sleep in the air-conditioned room.


May dreams come true!


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