Stubborn Fats I Wish To Zap !


A question posed by a friend a week ago set me thinking, other than running and the occasional 10 sit ups (haha!), what other sports do I engage in? Well, I did try out the aqua fit and kick boxing classes when my friends invited me as a guest to their frequented gym.

I just wasn’t hooked.

And of late, I realized that my skirts, pants and even running shorts are a tad tighter than before! Not a very good sign at all.

Top of the list, I badly need to shed off those irritating and unwelcome fats on my waist and thigh because I no longer can be oblivious to their existence. I am actually ‘up’ by 1 size, no prize for guessing my waistline though. It’s so sad, frustrating and I am trying not to harp on it.

Because of the shift from a XS to M GRADUALLY (I love this word loads), I have passed down 2 full huge black (trash) bags of clothes to my sister and friends. Some of which are 2 of my favorite jeans that I had procrastinated for the longest time to get rid of, hoping that I can still fit into them again and soon.

Well, the truth hurts, so whenever, I see my sister wearing them, with her flat tummy and lean legs, I really miss my ‘old self’. Ha-ha and I swear to lose those fats despite all difficulties.

Doubtful thoughts creep in and suddenly they hit me. Will running alone will be able to tackle them? And another problem I am worrying is my calcium intake as my mother has osteoporosis and is on medication. Scenes like these made me realized that her nagging to take care of our health suddenly makes perfect sense.

To me, to have both health and an attractive bod are very important and if I can have wealth too, life will indeed be a true bliss.

Some time back, a gal friend actually offered me to try out her uZap (the first generation with Fiona Xie as their ambassador) and I remembered being very excited by her kind gesture then! ( PS: uZap has now been replaced by the new and improved uKimono! )

I really wish to zap, zap and zap those fats away fast.

Any successful regime that is a must try?


3 responses to “Stubborn Fats I Wish To Zap !

  1. I read somewhere that the common mistake we all make is to focus on the parts on our bodies we think need most work with cardio and sculpting activities that work on only the waist down. This causes those muscles to be overdeveloped.

    Perhaps your passion in running has developed muscles (which also carries weight) and it’s not the fats thats adding to your weighing scale.

    I should think the uZap, or the latest uKimono should do the trick in melting down the surface fats we all hate. 🙂

  2. Woo! Thanks April.
    Unfortunately, those are confirmed fats and not muscles =)
    But yeah, am equally excited of seeing results soon with my Ukimono! =)

  3. Wooo! Thanks April, unfortunately, they are confirmed fats and not muscles. =p But yeah, am very excited to see results soon with my uKimono! =)

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