I’ve got it! Have you?

Written by Janie

JanieWoohoo! Today, I am a proud owner of the new uKimono and mine’s the sexy and brilliant red (after much debating of course)! *Wink* It was really difficult to decide on the colors and if I have the spare cash, I will definitely get all 3 to match my moods. The red one when I am feeling passionate and confident, the purple one will enhance the calm and relaxed mood, it happens to match my room color too. While the citrus orange to represent the bubbly and sporty personality. One of my friends named hers, Lavie as she has got the purple one, so cute right? Which one will you choose?

uKimono 3 colours

Fortunately, the friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel at the ION outlet were really patient and very helpful in demo-ing how to use the uKimono. The uKimono has a preset 10mins function of both the threading and vibrating motion or we can choose the manual functions. I left the shop feeling very impressed and assured of the innovation and effectiveness. It is really a good bargain for me because other than wanting to reduce the fats on my thighs and waist, it also helps improve the body’s digestion and prevents constipation!

Constipation has always been another troubling issue for my friends and I as we clear our bowels only once or twice a week. We always tease one another of being full of ‘shit’ (Haha, pardon the language) and it causes bloated stomachs, breakouts and leaves us feeling frustrated. So I was really excited when the sales personnel highlighted this feature to help us banish this common and worrisome health problem.

I strapped it on the moment I got home and my mum was squealing when she saw it! She had been eyeing it since she saw the television ads featuring S.H.E. Suddenly, she seemed to turn into a little girl, coaxing me to strap it on her instead. It is so easy to operate that my mum picked it up after only explaining it to her once.

Janie's red uKimono

My maiden 10 mins with the uKimono gave me great hope in wanting to embark on starting a journal to a flat tummy and leaner thighs! Initially, you will feel the itch as if someone is tickling you but after a while, you will get used to it. Else, you can try to put a towel between the Ukimono and your body to counter the itch but bearing in mind that the effectiveness will be reduced too. So in this case, I feel it’s no itch, no gain!

Other than that, I can use it when I am watching television or reading a book so it does not disrupt my lifestyle. The only concerns for me will be that I will need to be near a power socket to operate it and it is a little heavier than it looks from the television. But I am not complaining! =)

Hurry to the nearest outlet and try it on and remember to leave your comments after that.

And mum, do not think that I am unaware of you secretly using my uKimono! Ha!


6 responses to “I’ve got it! Have you?

  1. Hey! I dinno that uKimono is useful for constipation! Wow! Thks for the info!

  2. Hey Thanks for the great tips of putting a towel in between the device n my tummy!

  3. Heya Jo and W,

    You are most welcome! =)
    Cheers to us, steps nearer to the desirable hot body.

    Do share other tips if any

  4. I tried it today..,!!! It felt ticklih…Haha…Since i tried it at the shop, i din have the option to put a towel around me.

    Other than the tickling sensation, I do think ukimono works… I can feel my flabby tummy vibrates continuously. Most probably gonna add that to my wishlist.. haha..

  5. Hi Azrina,

    yay! which color are you getting?
    The itch will go away after your body is accustomed to it =)

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