Motherhood – an experience

Motherhood is a godsend package that comes without a bargain. I embraced motherhood like a juvenile scholar because I didn’t know what engorgement was like till it happened to me. My breasts were as hard as watermelon, and I woke up in tears at 2am with my man..err.. massaging them lovingly with warm towel while I expressed milk like a bonafide cow. Thanks to that someone who invented the electronic milk pump. Wished they come in sound proof ones though…

Kimmi’s conception was planned a month before our wedding, and Hubby proved to be an excellent gunman.  We wanted a child before I hit the grand 30, and like what the fortune teller had predicted, she manifested into our lives this year. Ironically, he also correctly predicted the death of my beloved father. Life, is written like a book..don’t you think so?

On the pregnancy note, I hated the puking part and my morning sickness makes me depressed. The only consolation was not having to work during the entire pregnancy period. I also hated the aftermath c-section surgery pain, and the confinement period that turns many of us off. I guessed I would have enjoyed my little preggy adventure if not for the above mentioned, and I also lost my dad to cancer when I was 5 months pregnant with Kimmi.

Despite all these, I am still gamed to have baby no.2 all because…I wanted to. Kimmi makes me laugh a lot, and sometimes, I forgot that I’m laughing.  The immerse joy that I never had for the past 28 year in this life form was derived from a little body – My baby girl 🙂 Oh, and did I also mentioned the extra kilos and stretch marks that comes in this package? It is free too, unfortunately…

A gift from mommy Yvonne, I kept a pregnancy journal book that looks like this.

A stick-on journaling book for the mom’s soul

I blog about my pregnancy to feel better too!

Baking period: Our little bun at week 10, see here for more information

Getting hitched soon… With my bestie, I really miss my 45kg body here…

Well, motherhood gives me the grounding I never knew, and the new found identity that all newly promoted parents would be proud of.  Though it can be a pain to be woken up by a distressed baby in the middle of the night, it becomes so worthwhile when their little lip curl into a smile upon assurance.  And oohh…babies smells so heavenly. I love how my Kimmi smell, and how she often smiles in her sleep.

I would imagine that she’s dreaming of beautiful faraway lands where the unicorns and fairies lived. Somehow, I believed in the existence of such realms because I have seen them in my dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be as pure spirited and carefree as the little ones? The world will be a much nicer and peaceful place to live in. May all dreams come true for our little ones 🙂


One response to “Motherhood – an experience

  1. Motherhood is an experience that no one can be use to describe it solely because the mother to be will face issues like the much dreaded morning sickness, water retention, stretch marks, etc etc. Not to also add the after birth issues like Post natal depression for some, confinement period, so on and so forth.

    At the end of the day, wat helps to ease all this “pain” is really support from friends, relatives (in-laws) and Husband.

    Being raised from a Single parent environment, it was never easy to see how difficult it is for my mum to raise me up alone and be faced with so many issues. … See More

    Thus speaking from my point of view as a son, always understand ur mum. Know wat she is goin thru esp if she has no one but u to turn to in times of great need.

    For me, she was there for me each and every time i needed her. to come to think of it, Nvr ones did she let me dwn. She was there for events aside from meet the parent sessions in primary sch but she was always there..

    Pregnancy is NOT an easy journey and motherhood ain’t easy being a child, u can help to decrease the unpleasantness.

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