Body,Mind and Soul

April LeeHave you ever wonder why there seemed to be more illnesses these days in comparison to our grandparents’ times?

All of us live in a fast paced, ever evolving society. In fact, Singapore’s pace is considered moderate in comparison with other cosmopolitan cities. Imagine living in Hong Kong or New York City, we won’t even have the time to complain that we are stressed!

Keeping in shape, in my opinion, is not just about maintaining our shell. There are two other factors which are more important and they should go hand-in-hand. I’m sure you have all heard about “Body, Mind and Soul”.

We all know exercises and activities are ways to keep our body in shape. But have you paid attention to your psychological health? Are you happy or aggressive? Do you carry positive or negative vibes mentally? Is your soul in good shape?

Two years back when I was still selling cars, I found my mental wellness being compromised. I was easily irritable, very short-tempered, impatient, suspicious of colleagues around me, and always ready to put up a fight. I basically felt like I was sardines packed in a can, anxiously waiting for the pressure to build up, so that I can explode and drench everyone with the sauce. During those last few years of my car trade career, the number of times I honked at other road users is probably more than the number of cars I sell. Thank god I had the little voice at the back of my mind constantly reminding me to calm myself down. Otherwise you would have seen my face on the front page of national papers, committing road rage.

So what do I do? A group of us enrolled ourselves to do kickboxing. The instructor was a psycho himself, I think. He pushed us to our limits, making us cry for mercy. But after every session, I feel as if the monster in me was too drained to start any fight.

Hot Yoga was another killer. I nearly died. It was a love and hate situation. I hated sit and reach during my school days and was never flexible enough to reach beyond my feet. Imagine how I suffered when I had to bend myself throughout the 26 postures. However, I love how it calms and de-stresses, and I always have a great night’s rest after a session. I was at peace. In fact, it works the body, mind, and soul.

Someone recommended I see a nutritionist and go on a detox program to purge toxins that has been residing in different parts of my body. Apparently, it improves skin condition and quality of sleep, eliminates excess body fats, relieves stress and tension, boasts energy levels, and increases the body’s natural ability to fight diseases. Something I have never tried but would consider if anyone of you out there could educate me more on this subject. One question: Does drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach in the morning count?

People around me could see the improvements in my behavior and appearance when I’m happier and at peace. Going for regular massages and spas, or resort holiday trips helps too. Do not only focus on looking good. We need to put more effort in healing our mind and soul when keeping in shape. A smile goes a long way, and it will always make anyone look beautiful and lovable.


One response to “Body,Mind and Soul

  1. The nagging voice behind telling you to chill or cool down … Very Familiar …

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