All I want is a flat (?)


Rumors had it that our Caldecott Sex Goddess, Fiona Xie is going to ditch the limelight for the taitais’ society. Such disturbing news to all the guys out there, indeed, isn’t it? She is one of the most desirable women in Singapore and has a voluptuous bust line. One mention of Fiona and the film scene of her and some other actresses running along the bustling Orchard Road in their bikinis comes to mind.

Definitions of sexiness, well has to be the color Red, plunging neckline, hot body, being tall, lean, a firm butt and having a long mane of hair sort of round it up.

Do you agree? What’s your take on this? Elegant bust line enhancing gown? Do share…

Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Caroline Bundchen and Hollywood Glamour Star Angelina Jolie definitely fit the bill perfectly, according to my understanding of Sexiness.

For sure, having a hot body is fundamental but factors such as having a strong character, charisma and body language, especially a pair of lively and expressive eyes contribute to it all, when my friends & I ‘people watch’. Lolx.

In Singapore, most ladies are dressed in shorts and flip flops without much effort to doll up thus I have yet to find someone who can compete with Gisele Caroline Bundchen and Angelina Jolie.

Sigh and yes, my friends & I love to ‘people watch’ and gossip about the ladies other than the hunks in the streets. It is actually more interesting to play fashion police and at times, to gain fresh inspirations in dressing up and most importantly knowing what to avoid so as not to be a laughing stock.

Do you like to ‘people watch’ and have you come across any attractive person(s), whom you deem as sexy? It can be a male or female, a celebrity or a personal friend.

Angelina Jolie with her electrifying eyes and thick lips

Gisele Caroline Bundchen with her admirable flat tummy! A pair of sparkling eyes & long mane of hair

Well, I thank God that, err, I have thick lips as  I have received compliments about it from both my guy and lady friends. Ha-ha, so I reckon that it is one of my assets. Except that, age is catching up and more efforts have to be sowed in order to reap or maintain the self -desirable ‘sexy’ image.

The very first step and top priority is to have a flat tummy but I also understand that Gisele and Angelina go to the gym VERY regularly and have a strict diet. I am trying, really.

*Chant Chant Chant: Flat tummy…flat tummy!!!

(P/s: Some of the upcoming Korean celebrities are catching my attention too. Although the fact that many of them went under the knife to look perfectly gorgeous doesn’t sit in nicely with my idea of beauty. Oh well.)


3 responses to “All I want is a flat (?)

  1. I wanna have a tummy as flat as Angelina Jolie too! I guess the media really plays a very important role in our lives..

  2. Defintely and fret not, OSIM ukimono to the rescue!

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