Shedding pounds at the gym?

As I’m writing, I’m killing my brain cells trying to pen my thoughts about working out and keeping fit. Santa wouldn’t have given me any pressies coz I’ve been naughty and not been doing the necessary for the past 3 weeks. It all seemed so long ago since I last did any decent activities I can call exercise. Or does frenzy shopping count?

I was away for 2 weeks to New York, Seattle and San Francisco. Frankly, I would rather walk my way onboard as a stewardess than to be planted on the passenger seat doing nothing but eat, drink and sleep. 4 meal services in 20 hours, not forgetting snacking on chips, nuts and sandwiches in between! Mentally, I think I have piled on 10kg ( I would usually feel guilty only with food that is not in my “craving menu”) For the rest of the time on American soil, can you imagine the daily American breakfast, huge Seafood Platter lunch, and thick steak for dinner?

* Yummy American Breakfast: Eggs and toast with bacon and corn beef hash. Are you hungry yet?*

Look on the bright side, I assure myself (As I type “bright side”, my brain screams “sunny side up”!). The best way to get around in New York is to walk round the blocks. In this way, I’ll get to see and shop more. That’s brisk walking isn’t it? Well, I need to walk at a fast pace so as not to lose precious time… Furthermore, with the 7 degrees weather, my body needs more food to keep warm. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

To all the frequent travelers out there, how many of you actually made space in your luggage for a pair of trainers, telling yourself to make time for the FOC hotel gymnasium? I did that many times during my flying days, but the success rate of seeing the fully equipped room is 50%. I don’t know why. Gymnasium just doesn’t work for me. Zero motivation. It’s even more impossible now that I need to pay for it, drive up and down for an hour of torture, and be watched over by the trainer! I’ll probably fight with him/her.

I hate to be supervised.

Like most Asian girls, I have a small but not proportionate frame. I have a heavier lower half. If 32-24-32 is the ideal hourglass figure, then I must be a pear. So, I do lots of jogging, roller blading, and cycling (hey! This one works on the abs too!), mostly working out from waist down. I’ve never lifted any weights.

Boy, I was so wrong. Or so it seems. Recently, I read that we shouldn’t be loading on cardio and sculpting activities that work us from waist down in hope that we can trim the butt and thighs. The more we work solely on these areas, these will develop into muscles and may over time, be overdeveloped. For best results and a more proportionate look, we should be targeting all of our muscle groups. Oh my God! What have I been doing??

Oh, did I mention on one occasion, I so badly wanted to slim down my thunder thighs; I even went to a doctor for those slimming injections on targeted area! After a few sessions, the doctor had to tell me it’s not working. This is because I’ve acquired more muscles than cellulite over time… I can no longer kill those muscles developed during adolescence by sprinting my way to be a champion at every sports day. I’ll have to live with it.

Now, my advice to you ladies out there, get involved in activities moderately. Don’t just concentrate on one exercise to trim a single area. Be an all rounder to tone different set of muscles. Do something different every day in a week if possible. Remember to inject some fun into it!

Let’s see. If I have to plan for my week, I wish I have time to do all of the followings:

Monday: Golf

Tuesday: Cycling/Roller-Blading

Wednesday: Yoga/Kick-Boxing/MuayThai

Thursday: Badminton

Friday: Dancing (Salsa, Quick Steps, Jive, Rock ‘n’ Roll) TGIF, Party the night away!

Saturday: Wake-Boarding/ Horse Riding

Sunday: OFF DAY!! J

If only we can stay close to our planned activities… Face it, there’ll be days when we will find ourselves excuses like: tired from work, work and more work, need to spend time with love ones, too stressed to do anything, etc and etc. I’ll say, stay indoors! We can always use products to make up for loss of outdoor exercise!

*my possessions to ease those aches from stilettos, sooth tired eyes, and out go those fats!*

Apart from the many OSIM products I already own, I’m dreaming of an uGallop, the one that works on the entire body. How nice if I can gallop my way, imagine riding in the plantations of Malaysia, right in the comfort of my own home! Bliss…

Another way not to pile on extra pounds during non exercise days, try to eat lighter, cut down sugar intake, and up intake of citrus fruits, apples and low fat yoghurt. Soluble fibre pushes out the waste in us which cause us to bloat. Always try to have an early and light dinner, not that I can proudly announce I’m doing it. And slow slow slow! Savor every bite and enjoy your food for better digestion.

I have scheduled a horse riding session on 3rd December with an old classmate, a friend of 18 years. I’m so excited. It’s been a long while since my entire body ached from riding. Anyone interested? If not for this round, I can keep you in mind for the next one. Just drop me a comment with your email addy!

See ya! J


3 responses to “Shedding pounds at the gym?

  1. frequenttraveller

    yes, i agree. It’s terrible to sit through hours and hours in our tiny seats. With nothing much to do except for video watching and book reading, we turn to exercising our mouths!
    After my first experience with booze and one too many packet of junk snacks, i told myself, no more. Just stick to plain oh water and juice if i want to arrive at the next destination in good shape.
    Where abouts is this horse riding facility? What are the rates like? THX April!

    • Hey Frequent Traveller! Have you tried horse riding before?
      This one that we intend to go to is in JB, Malaysia. It’s about RM800 for a package of 8 sessions. (A steal compared to Singapore prices)
      The only issue is to find our own way to the place, which my girlfriend assures she can be the GPS. Well, i approach it like a short day trip. 🙂
      Would you be keen?

  2. frequenttraveller

    Oh i see. It’s a package in Malaysia. I probably wouldn’t go for a fixed package there. Too lazy to drag myself so far.

    But thanks for the information. :)Have fun and don’t get lost.

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