Running Makes Me a Better Person


My ankles and calves ache so badly and they weigh tons now even as I am writing this – literally the sore results after a mock run of the partial 21km Standard Chartered route on Thursday. And to think that my friends and I (8 of us) ran only about 15km, starting from the open stage at Esplanade to Fort Road and then back. Wish a couple of OSIM uSqueez Warm were available nearby after the run to give those over-worked calves a good massage.

Since it was the eve of the public holiday, quite a number of us made it for the training and yes, most of us do not own a gym membership except for this one. This run happened to be the most dramatic one as I got lost from the group and did not have my mobile phone with me.

There was no way of communication and the feeling of being detached from the group was not good at all, trust me. Thank God that Singapore is relatively safe, even in the night. But one can never be too complacent.

While curbing the wrong thoughts that I was ‘ditched’ by my friends, I had to coax myself to stop being a whiny baby and that my friends do care and would be frantically looking for me.

This was one of the moments to practice placing trust in friends; the many situations to analyze when the unexpected arise like the above; the opportunities to build strong friendship and having team spirit are some of the traits and lessons I learnt through training with friends and joining runs/ marathons. The support and running tips from friends are priceless as well. One should eat 1.5 hours before a run to prevent stitches and proper warm up exercise goes a long, long way.

When I run alone, I am more independent as many times, it is very crucial to be able to discipline your mind, to always think like a winner and to push and stretch the limits. As a bonus, I get to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Singapore, be it day or night ,when I map my own routes at no cost!

I love especially how the breeze and at times, the cold wind sets my adrenaline high, pushing me to run further and faster. It is always great to have generous friends. One of them gave me the Nike I-pod pacer that helps to track my miles while listening to my favorite hits from Lady Gaga, Akon and Korean boy band, Super Junior.

Sidetrack: Does the hilarious scene of hamsters running on the wheels come to your mind seeing runners working on the gym track mills?

Somehow, the thought of perspiring in an air-conditioned room does not work for me. It seems like a  series of confusion for my body, as one part will be sending signals that I am burning fats by perspiring while the other tries to stem perspiration due to the cold temperate. Contradicting isn’t it?

Well, maybe it’s just a psychological play on my thoughts.

Oh, to gear us up for the upcoming (and my first ever !) 21km on 6th December, some of my friends and I joined the 10km Great Eastern Run early this month. This is motivation in phase one.

Will share more in my next post.

Some of us before the run

Some of us after the run

And what our bibs say:

We are ‘Freaking Orhsome’ (Woohoo!)

The runs not only train my mental health but also my physical body. I have shed a few kilos and my friends actually commented that I am healthier because I seldom fall sick nowadays and slimmer because not much angling has to be done while being photographed. Yay! Such comforting news. I am bearing in mind still, of having Gisele Bundchen’s hot body!

Time to ditch the lazy monster in me and strap on my Cherry, Cheery Ukimono! Please make way for the next ‘Gisele Bundchen’, haha.


16 responses to “Running Makes Me a Better Person

  1. I can’t believe u actually took part in a 21km run. For me, maybe 21metres and that will take my breath away. It sure takes lotsa determination to run that far and not forgetting the endless training b4 that run. All the best!

    • Heya Regin,

      Thanks for the well wishes!

      I started from running 2.4km first & then increase the distance gradually =)

      I’m sure you can do it too! =)

  2. I never know that running in the open can actually be so adventurous! I wud alwis thot that running on treadmills in an aircon room will be more relaxing as there’s tv in the gym to watch.

    But after reading your entry, it spurs me to try running outside. It makes me think that working out in gym or an enclosed area may actually defeats the real purpose of exercising and mind-relaxing.

    I think having friends to run together is a good start for me. Thanks for your post!

    • Hi Mellisa,

      Yeah, it’s defintely more fun & enjoyable to run in the open esp.with friends!

      Do share your experiences soon =)

  3. Oh u’re joining the standard chartered run too? Many of friends are joining too. Whereas for me, I’m still considering and gathering info. 10click is a long long distance, can’t believe u’re actually going for a 21click run! Is that 21 click run also from standard chart?

    Anyway, u look really good in pictures! Very sporty and bubbly indeed!

    • Hi Zack,

      Many thanks for your kind compliments.

      Yeah, I am going for the Standchart 21km with a rather big group of friends, heh. =)

      Be courageous and join the running wagon! You wont regret the satisfaction and experiences =)

      Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Oh man! I can’t even imagine if i were to stray away from my group of friends. U’re really very very brave! And Im sure your friends care for u alot!

    How many times do u train a week in preparation for the 10km run? I took part in the nike run before but did terribly.Practically walked all the way.

    I always envy people who can run long distance. And u look very fair for an athlete!

    • Yes, Mavis, I am truely very blessed to have very good and caring friends! =)

      For 10km run, I will train twice/per week but the more the better. =)

      Each time, I will run 5km and then add 10% more, months prior the run.

      Start with a distance you are comfortable with though =)

      Remember: meal must be taken 1 and half hour prior the run to prevent stitches

      Oh, I am fair because I stunned from the sun and run mostly in the evning time hee

  5. Good metaphor about the hamsters running on trackmill!

    Though Im not a fan of running, I do adore Gisele Bundchen’s body! Guess I gotta do some light working out to keep myself from falling ill. Thankies!

  6. Heya Jas,

    Yeah, to have both hot body and health are the best! *wink*

    Catch you around! =)

  7. Hi J, perhaps u may wanna try doing your cooling down or some simple stretches after your hideous run, that may help to prevent aches.

    Or try cold compress by placing some ice along your aching areas. Warm towel do make a good alternatives too!

  8. Like to hear more about your jogging regime. 🙂

  9. Heya Richmond!

    Thanks for the great tips! =D

  10. Hallo Jas,

    Stay tuned then =)
    See you around!

    Meanwhile, have loads of fun & joys =)


  11. Wow, I don’t know you, but I came across your blog while searching the web. Your passion for running is very inspiring to me, and I can really relate to you about being so incredibly sore after a challenging workouts, as well as the futility of working out at gyms. Thank for sharing this essay.

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