Come Run With Me


1 more day to the Standard Chartered (SC) run and I’m feeling jittery about it. My friends have been running (a lot) more regularly than me and this week, they are going to ‘carbo-load’. In layman’s term, this simply means taking in more carbohydrates such as noodles and rice in order to store energy for the actual run.

However, for me, this is a huge struggle as I am in the midst of reducing hunger pangs and keeping carbohydrate intake to the minimum.  As slight desirable results are starting to show, I am not willing to let  them go to waste! Thus I have decided to ‘carbo load’ just 1 night before and prior to that, increase my usage of the uKimono.

Well, I may seem downright obsessed about having a flat tummy and it’s true! I reckon sculpted abs would be splendid too! Can I also share that my uKimono is overworked?

Being vain or rather a good steward of our body, health & beauty are justified actions towards the blessings that God has given. And it doesn’t matter if you are female or male, young or old, rich or poor. We tend to make more effort to look presentable. For sure, I can’t concentrate if I sit facing the mirror, as I will unconsciously steal glances at myself, neaten my hair, examine if I had put on weight on my face while talking to my friend(s). Don’t laugh as I am sure everyone will be guilty of that.

And why is my uKimono overworked? Because in my family, there are 3 girls, my mum, younger sister and myself and all 3 of us happen to fall under the above category of being an over-zeal steward! And since the uKimono targets to breakdown fats on our tummy, thighs & butt area, we are recommended to strap on it for 10mins per area and 3 times daily.

So go do the math.


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