Staying In Shape As A Couple

Of late, I have been battling with a bout of stress-related illness alone. I’ve not dealt with any panic-attacks since last June, but it came back when I embarked on my trackies back to the workforce recently. I paused and I thought, is it worth it?

Somehow, the smile on our daughter’s face melts all concerns away. She is the reason for all our slogging because we are bent on giving her a good start in life. Like most young parents, both the husband and I hold visions of how we want our future to be like…a business of our own, investments that will reap profits, rental from properties that will generate passive income..and ultimately, the goal of financial freedom in the next 5 years time.

Now What?

The question is, how do we strike a balance between our work, family, without upsetting our health?

The only thing I’ve learnt to cope with my stress level is to “go with the flow”, stay upbeat, and not let mental diarrhoea ruin my life. Having said that, exercise plays an important part in our daily live too.

So What to Do?

My husband and I are trying to improve our eating and lifestyle habits.

So we are eating very well – lots of vegetables, fruits, limiting processed carbohydrates and high-cholesterol meats, sugar and fats. We’re including more exercise into our daily routine. For example, my coke-lover husband cut down on his rice intake and fatty food due to his high cholesterol after being advised by his cardiologist, and I am joining him in this undertaking to motivate him.

Dr Baldev Singh encouraged him to take periodical 20-minutes of brisk walking to slim down apart from his weekly bowling sessions with his boys. At times, like any dutiful wife, I’ll wait for the husband to return home after a day’s work and we’ll walk our baby in a pram by the ocean.

Playtime with Kimmi has also since become more physically challenging because she is older now and is more receptive to explorative activities like swimming(our fav!), commando-style crawling(we crawl with her!), play catching games with her gliding in the baby wagon, clearing up after messy, sprawling toys and dishing up nutritious puree recipes.  Parenting is very much like running a small business. It can be very tiring and challenging actually.

I’m also researching on fuss- free tips on slimming down specifically for mums, and my massage therapist taught me to “suck/tuck in”  the tummy to encourage skin tightening/firming around the excess bulge and the tummy will become smaller and firmer over time. Must be disciplined in this though, because you will definitely forget.

Sometimes when I get too caught up with the mundane stuffs, I tend to forget and let my tummy hung out “loosely”. But hey! I SUCK it in once I remember and do it for the longest time for the entire day before the day ends.

Tips from the older generation:

You probably would have heard this before…

Wearing a girdle or corset also helps in making the tummy smaller over a period of time. I bought my girdles from well-known and trusted brands like Wacoal and Triumph but gave up because I find them hard to wear due to the numerous amounts of hooks! I am really impatient with the hooking on regimen.

However, there are also many magnetic slim belts in the market and I especially like the permeable magnetic belt from OSIM. It wears like a breeze because of the stick-on Velcro, and it is suitable for post-natal slimming.

An important tip from the confinement lady, remember to suck in your tummy before strapping the belt on and it works like a normal girdle cept’ it is WAY more comfortable, and you don’t wear this underneath your clothing. I like it because it is stretchable, allowing me to adjust the tension (tightness) for my tummy, unlike the rigidity I get from my girdles. The micro magnet also stimulates blood circulation, a benefit confirmed by modern science. I bought mine here, and delivery is free!

There are still many things to do with our growing baby, and I am so excited! We can’t wait to bring her on her first overseas trip and the zoo soon! We still like to be pro-active in our parenting endeavour, and we are definitely working towards shrinking that expanding waistline (for my hubby), because, I love him, and I want him to be healthy.

Dear readers, do you have any issue with your husband’s weight or health-related problems that you would like to share with me? We welcome you to share your fuss-free slimming tips with us! 😉


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