My Trophies for 2009


The completion of the Standard Chartered (SC) 21km marked the last run of the year for me. For the year 2009, my maiden run was the Adidas Sundown Women’s 10km. The ambitious I signed up for the Great Eastern (GE) 10km & 21km, making it a total of 3 runs in a year. But I never looked back.

The Adidas Sundown was the first run I attempted alone as 2 of my friends withdrew from it due to injuries. Never had I once wanted to withdraw because of that. This was perhaps the run I had put in the most efforts in, training religiously with my male friends every Wednesday. It would have been a complete waste not to go for it. This was the first lesson that taught me to be courageous and highlighted my strength of having the determination to finish a project regardless of any difficulties or change of plans.

Adidas Sundown Women’s 10km – 30th May 2009

As for the Great Eastern 10km and Standard Chartered 21km, I was less zealous because of work and church commitments. It was actually impossible to fix regular training sessions. More friends joined in and the profile of the 8 of us split into 2 distinct groups, the hardworking and lazy lots. Well, I belonged to the latter. Fortunately; my personal timing for the last 2 runs was still quite consistent and I finished GE with the same timing as the Sundown and SC in 2hrs 40mins. Though the results were not as good as my friends, I am not complaining as they reflected the efforts I had put in.

Us @ the start of the SC 21km – 6th Dec 2009

(Do pardon the low resolution, they were taken via my mobile)

We made it! 

Running has been a great contributing factor to my personal growth and the better understanding of myself for the past 1 year. I am filled with satisfaction whenever I look at my achievements; ‘trophies’ in the form of running gear and medals from each race. They act as constant reminders and encouragement of each milestone I had accomplished. The feeling of satisfaction is simply indescribable, bringing fresh hope to my life and giving me the ‘Oomph’ (extra strength) to face each new day.

My ‘Trophies’ for Year 2009

(Clockwise: Adidas Sundown, SC & GE)

I am really excited and thankful for coming a long way. The ‘me’ one year ago was too ladylike (fragile), limiting myself in areas of achievement and overstaying in my comfort zone.  Runs stretch not only our physical limits, but mental limits and horizons of personal experiences as well. To receive loads of positive comments and adorations from strangers and friends actually brought me to the next level of self-confidence. I am loving my current self, the new Janie= bliss!

The registration for the 2010 Adidas Sundown is open and my friends and I may be joining. Do leave a comment if you are interested to join too. We might bump into each other and enjoy the journey of having greater health together. Cheers!  xoxo


3 responses to “My Trophies for 2009

  1. That’s awesome, Janie! So excited to read of your achievements and how you’re benefitting from it. Keep it going girl! 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s alot of participation in marathons! It sure takes alot of your effort and time to train. I can nv imagine myself completing any of it. U’re superb!

  3. Thanks loads Jo! =)

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