What Makes You Happy

I’ve been doing a poll on social networking website Facebook to ask my friends this.

What would you do when someone comment that you are fat &/ not as good looking as before? Do you:

1)    Do everything within your means to lose weight and doll up to look your best again?

2)    Be upset with their insensitive comment, sulk and be convinced that you are what they say? or

3)    Do nothing and ignore their silly and superficial comment. You love who you are?

What is your answer?

Most of my friends, and mostly the fit and good looking ones, choose the latter.

Is it really true? I question their choice. After all, these are the ones who are far from overweight, dresses well, immaculately groomed, and I would say they are blessed with pleasant looks. How would they understand the pain and the suffering tied to loss of confidence?

As the saying goes: There isn’t an ugly woman, only lazy ones. Yes. I totally agree and echo their views on loving ourselves. But, if we can improve the way we look, why won’t we?

It’s the same as someone giving you a piece of advice in improving your work or life, if it is worth the effort, and it doesn’t require us to go against our principles and values, why would we be obstinate and refuse to act on it? Shouldn’t we always strive for the better?

I don’t know about you readers out there. Are there times when you feel that no matter what you wear and the many hours you spent in front of the mirror constructing the look you proudly want to show the world, yet, you still feel inadequate?

The problem is, how many of us allow ourselves to fall below expectations?  When we’ve been to heaven of praises, how do we accept words of criticism?

Cut ourselves some slack, I say. For a day or two, or even if it’s for a month, so what if we don’t look good? Our skin need to rest (from the daily make-up plastered on our delicate face for the whole day), our hair need to breathe (from the styling products and the heat of hair dryers and hot iron), and we need a break, don’t we?

*The Ugly Duckling I am during my school days. I’m the cheeky looking one on the right! *

Hey! I’m not saying neglect here! After the break, we should pick ourselves up from where we left off. And this is not for the critics out there! It’s for ourselves!

Once we’ve done all we need to do and feel healthy and confident, then this is the time to give a pat on our own back. We have answered to ourselves.

Christmas is just around the corner, following the brand new 2010. This is the period when most shopping takes place. This buying season is not just for X’mas gifts, but also for the perfect party dress, accessories, shoes, and latest hairstyles. We need to look good to feel good isn’t it?

Throw away those clothes that make you look dowdy and unconfident. Remember to also toss away those fraying undergarments (or even torn ones) you have not replaced for years! Beauty and confidence starts from within right? (Pun intended) :p

Most importantly, spend wisely and within your means. You won’t want to be slapped with a big and long bank statement, which will force your New Year resolution to be that of clearing your debts.

Happiness is the most utilized word in the little comment box of my friends’ status update on Facebook. Most of them, and I dare say 90% of my friends, are looking for happiness. Some looking for love, some looking for financial stability, some hope for better colleagues and jobs, some looking for quality life, and some are just working on contentment to be happy.

What is Happiness? Happiness is defined differently in everyone’s dictionary. What is your definition?

In my next two articles, I will be sharing with you my findings of what, in my opinion; can be good gifts for your friends and loved ones. These should bring them some joy and happiness.

We are walking into the season of sharing. Tell me, what makes you happy?


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