They are cute ? Think again

Now that there is some free time at hand, I am reflecting on the number of ‘first attempts’ I have made. Other than participating in 3 runs within a year for the first time, I have learnt how to say ‘No’ and am more accustomed to taking overcrowded public transport. And, well, I do not know about you, but this year is also the first I have ever stepped into an OSIM store. Think the majority of us will bypass it in preference to our favorite and frequently patronized fashion houses. I am absolutely guilty of that.

But a rare opportunity allowed me to visit one without feeling intimidated by the luxurious & high-tech aircraft ‘space bed’ look alike. If you think that you need to belong to a certain caste to feel welcome, it’s time to change the mindset and step into one today.

Warm welcoming smiles greeted me when I visited and I still remember behaving like a kiddo in a ‘Toy R Us’; there are so many buttons and amazing inventions available in the store. The knowledgeable and helpful sales personnel showed me the latest products and their functions. I must say that OSIM products are very easy to use and user-friendly.

There are actually many new toys that I wish to get for my loved ones and myself; they do make practical & presentable gifts. And I’m definitely thrilled to declare the uKimono, endorsed by S.H.E as mine. Now it is the best friend of the 3 ladies in my family. Although 1 month is really hard to see any obvious results, what make us happy just by using it, is that our ‘snacking’ time, tea breaks and 2nd helpings of carbohydrates have been reduced.

The initial plan to journal my attempts to reduce those unwanted fats by using uKimono is being pushed aside because of laziness, irregular working hours and personal commitments. But for sure, the uKimono actually creates more talking points between the 3 ladies in my family. Many a time, I will start by teasing my mum if she is ’secretly’ using the uKimono when I call back home. Having my own room has lessen the interaction between my sister & I, but nowadays, she will pop by my room more often, cheekily asking if she can have ‘uKimono’ time. Sometimes, I wonder why my sister requires it in the first place. But what she said makes sense; she needs to start maintaining now and not wait until the congregation of tummy fats becomes obvious. Sigh, wish I am more ‘body’ smart (derived from street-smart) like her so that I do not have to work extra hard to achieve my ‘old’ bodyline and have a flat & desirable tummy like her.

Seriously, after the age of 27, it seems I am trying to re-understand the different ways my body is forming. Just like when I was 19, growing through puberty. The realisation of a thicker waistline is quite alarming so I am trying to strap on my Cherry Cheery more regularly than my sister! Haha.

And I prefer to disagree with friends who like hugging their ‘bear- like’ SO (significant other) with ‘fatty’ waistline and exclaim ‘so cute!’ remarks. Accepting flaws is one thing but honestly, don’t you ladies like guys who have hot bods & vice versa?

For me, having a slim waistline is being a good steward of my body and it makes me feel good by having a higher confidence level.

So I started to follow OSIM_SG on Twitter where they furnish useful tips on a healthy lifestyle and news tweets on the recent uKimono challenge.

Join uKimono Sayonara Fats Contest now and win a mystery gift! One winner to be picked at end of every month, from now till March 2010!

You can read more here:

Okay, maybe I should print this out to remind me of those dreadful fats I am trying to shed and stick it on my mirror! The ‘fat’ may look harmlessly cute here but in actual fact, they are not!

P.s: Love it that the jolly festive season is approaching, time to give & receive but also a time of very sinful feasts. I really need to revisit my best friend (uKimono) soon and greet those fats ‘sayonara’! Repeat after me, Sayonara Fats.


One response to “They are cute ? Think again

  1. I like this post. Reminds me about my own first attempts. Like my first attempt taking the singapore flyer, first attempt in switching to drinking plainwater and adapting without sweetdrinks and first attempt trying to do some skipping at my void-deck and so on.

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