Lazy women deserve a second chance

“There’s no time to exercise, I don’t even have time for pee breaks!”

“Exercise makes me tired.”

“Stilettos crippled my toes; I can’t jog to save my life.”

“My muscles ache too much.”

“I’ll rather skip lunch.”

“Err, aren’t night time sessions good enough?”

Sounds familiar?  Well, if lazy and highly stressed women deserve a second chance, then I think it would have to come in the form of this.When I popped down the store last month, I was stumped as 3 yummy colours bade welcomingly at my fats. Er, at me.

Trust a woman’s senses to run amok in the presence of pretty colours and designs.

uKimono 3 colours

“So which colour has been the most popular? Has uKimono been selling well? ” I queried, knowing the second question came as a no brainer. But what the heck.

According to the polite young gentleman serving us, all colours have their fans.  A tremendous deal of research was conducted before deciding on the colours and design. Well done. I’m sold based on aesthetics alone. Five stars for the pretty daisy motifs.

But my main concern was – how is this pretty-looking ‘waist pouch’ going to help me?

When is the earliest I could see results? When and how often can I use it? How can the fabric be washed?  What is the shelf life? Do I need to replace the battery? Can I use it on a full stomach? What about heavy days?

Will OSIM be coming out with a cordless version?!

Why is the uKimono more expensive than the uZap?

Yes, I’m not the easiest customer to deal with, but hey, it’s only fair that I get the lowdown on what goes onto my body right?

I went straight for maximum power. Don’t you just tingle with breathless excitement when you anticipate the effects of something that promises to nail down your 35 year-old problems?

The initial sensation was a tad startling. It felt weird. Ticklish. Kinda like having an alien object burrowing its way towards the inner layer of fat on my tummy. A few minutes later, I got accustomed to the vibration/kneading and relaxed.

I must have over relaxed. The next thing I knew, my bladder was doing its own vibrating. I realised that prior instructions to pee before usage had slipped my mind.

Damn. I rushed to the little girls’ room before resuming.  To make my baby work harder, I decided to do the horse stance at the same time. 15 minutes later, I dutifully gulped down a large glass of warm water to clear the toxins.

Interestingly, many uKimono users experienced the same effects and have since ‘wised up’. Some Tweeted about the initial itchy sensation. It’s the sleepy muscles waking up, so says the OSIM staff. Others felt that 10 mins was far too short a session. They wonder if prolonged usage on a specific area could cause possible side effects. One even panicked after falling asleep while using his uKimono, not knowing that it stops automatically after each cycle!

Personally, it was a case of alternating between different areas of the body before coming back to where I first started. I have a simple top-to-bottom system that covers my tummy, thighs and butt in that order, so that after a 30 minute cycle, I can ‘safely’ go back to my tummy attack again. On days when time was more of essence than ever, at least I know that one full cycle has been covered. The guilt factor as well!

I believe the users can be grouped into 2 larger camps – one which depend totally on the slimming product while throwing calorie charts into the trash bin. Another will be those who would physiologically be affected into eating less and injecting forms of exercise into their routine, so as to maximise their investment.

Do you belong to either?


4 responses to “Lazy women deserve a second chance

  1. Hi Janet, I am currently an air stewardess too. Strangely, when I use the uKimono, I noticed that my bowel movement is more regular now. As you know, due to our irregular hours, our body cycles are all messed up. Constipation has always been a problem for me, I tried everything – prune juice, Hi-fibre, etc. Nothing helped. Until I used the uKimono. But OSIM did not promoted it as a product that helps constipation. Did u have the same experience with the uKimono too?

    • Hi Celeste,

      I have a very good friend in the airline by the same name!

      Thanks for your comment. I fully understand how irregularity of our flight rosters clogs up our system…our meals,sleep patterns are all messed up!

      Prune juice works for some of us, but there’s always a concern of over reliance on it. My mum finds it great as a mild laxative.

      A girl friend went straight for the lavatory in the midst of sevice as her body was not accustomed to that!
      That said, at least prune juice is a yummy and natural.

      We take Fibregel for clogged days too.

      Yes, i noticed that the uKimono was not promoted a a constipation-busting product. It came to me as a nice surprise after I tried it for a week!

      Had they done that, I think the sales will shoot up the roof at the airport OSIM store 🙂

  2. Hmmm….I wonder if it is a good idea to go straight for maximum power without first letting your body get used to the new motion? Just a bit concerned that our internal organs might not take it all too well? 🙂

    • You’re right to have such concerns. But worry not, i’m used to be an avid user of uZap when I was flying and the max motion is not a problem at all.

      But yes, for newbies, do go slow and let your body adjust before you go ‘all the way’…and remember to take a pee break first! 🙂

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