uKimono unclogged me!

Over the last 2 weeks, bowel movement has become, er, a silky smooth passage in my case.  For someone who’s had constipation problems since erratic flying days, this came as a godsend. Research has shown that massages and regular exercise aids in clearing our bowels.

For the longest time, I had no idea that a clogged system can be pretty obvious to others around you.

No, I’m not referring to that constipated look or ready-to-snap-at-anyone mood. Did you know that prolonged constipation could actually leave its marks on your skin?

Think pigmentation. Yes, those fretful marks could be a reflection of how clear your inner pipes have been!

As I spend more than 13 hours in the office, I decided to do away with bashfulness. Office hours shall double up as fat-busting time! (Photo) At the beginning, the guys were amused to see me in this. I couldn’t care less. This is the best time to kill 2 birds with one uKimono!

The women have been raving about uKimono, but what about the guys? The boys at the office sit behind their desks for a good 10 hours as well. Surely, that unmistakable paunch there holds no relation to the thought SEXY BOD. Thus I put every single one of them through the uKimono test and this is what they feel:

“Eh, not bad, it’s very comfortable!“

“How much is this? I want to get my wife one for Christmas.”

“Ticklish.”  Snigger. Snigger.

One refused to try at first. “My wife likes to squeeze my love handles. After wards, if my fats disappear how?” he cried out in mock dismay.

May I mention that this guy was also the first to try eventually, and more than once at that too?

One point to note: The twin power Osimotion is recommended before a heavy meal, not after. Post lunch, the double kneading action is so comfortable that it could actually lull me to sleep, so that’s reserved for a later timing.

*Heavy days for the ladies = uKimono siesta

* suck in your tummy while using this to maximise the effects

When I read the reviews of other users, I knew I was not alone. Its massaging effect also helps to de-stress. When tasks at work overflow and I feel like yanking out my hair, I strap on the uKimono and headphones, close my eyes for 10 minutes and simply chill.

The good thing about using it at home is that one can totally relax on the couch or bed. I had a whale of a time along with my fur-kid !

Maggie Sue played gym instructress!

Take note though, about the actual position of the uKimono on your tummy area. The midriff is not recommended while you’re on a horizontal position, unless you have a very thick layer of fat cushioning.

I learnt it the hard way, ending up bruised for 2 days. The hard kneading caused discomfort but I chose to ignore it in hope for faster results. In this case, pain is no gain!

3 weeks and many sessions later, a molehill remains, albeit a smaller one. I could actually fit a finger between my jeans and waist. Could it be due to the gradual breaking down of fat tissues? One thing is certain. Toilet visits have increased and I’m certainly not complaining. The skin area around a 15 cm long surgery scar on my belly has somewhat soften due to constant massaging.

I’m elated!

My only grouse is that the uKimono can be a tad noisy as compared to its predecessor, especially in the quiet of the night. On sleepless nights (yes, usually when dinner was too heavy!), intentions to use it have to be shelved. If only there’s a soundless version… please ignore me; discerning consumers are hard to please; the best does not suffice.

Oh yes, if there’s a mini uKimono to fit between the thighs and arms, that will be fabulous. While men probably don’t care two hoots about it, women fear the extra wave in their arms and thighs. Sure, we could always do some push-ups but who has the discipline to?

An acquaintance declared that no slimming machine was going to help, only good old exercise. I agree that we should not depend on one slimming aspect as a cure-all. The focus must be a holistic outlook towards a healthy body that comprises of nutritious diet, loads of exercise and in my case, a slimming belt for long desk bound days. (That said, my chocolate diet is here to stay)

Moderation is key while total dependence is not. Still, like many other uKimono users out there, I’m mighty glad that there’s something to fall back on that aids in our quest for a toned bod.

PS: The least thing one should do was to purchase a product just because his/her idol endorses it. It’s utterly ridiculous, if you ask me. Get it because you believe in its effects, not the notion that owning that endorses product brings you a step closer to your beloved idol.

Yes, and go easy on the chocolates.


5 responses to “uKimono unclogged me!

  1. oh no, i better start clearing my pipes too ! 🙂

    • You ‘re right! And it’s never too late to start … you’ll feel lighter and fresher overall, not to mention, less grouchy as well.

      Many users of the uKimono experienced this effect as a bonus on top of acheiving a more toned physique. But like i always believe, moderation in diet and deligence in a combi of exercise and slimming gadgets is key.

      Have fun in doing that! 🙂

  2. Awesome blog mate, defnitely some great information here and well written. I keep trying to build a following to my blog on the amazing results I have had with resveratrol.

  3. CheesyOliveOil

    Hi, I’ve just bought a ukimono during the display unit sale 2 weeks ago and since it’s a display unit and of course a cheaper price, I didn’t get those manual guide/quick start manual or something. So I need some guidance here. Can I use it after a meal(or maybe after a heavy meal)? What should I do before and after using it? How many times and how long should I use a day? When is the best time to use it in order to get a better result?

    I’d really appreciate if you reply. Thank you very much.

    • Hi CheesyOliveOil, sorry for the late replt. It is not advisable to use it after a meal. You do not have to do anything before usage however, you can drink a glass of warm water after using it. You can use it for up to 3 times a day and around 15-20mins each time. If you feel any discomfort or if there’s any skin sensitivity, please stop using it and consult a doctor. Thanks!

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