Massage gets the better of me

Of late, due to fussy and buzzy work events that require me to rush in & out of the office to co-ordinate and tie up final details, I also have to work on PowerPoint slides and Word documents at my desk. The PC mouse is always on the go as if it was literally chased by a cat!

Jokes aside, other than feeling constant fatigue, my arms are feeling the ache and stiffness too. When I touch the joint between the shoulders and neck, it feels as hard as a rock. And I hate the unconscious gesture of cracking my wrists. Super unglamorous and it’s became a bad habit. Can you imagine cracking your wrists in public without any reason? *wide eyed*

Perhaps, December is the only month of the year that you can see joyous faces around rather than tired & grouchy ones all over the streets. Maybe they are all lacking Mr OSIM’s products especially the uPapa Hug for the OL (office ladies)& OM (office men).

Thanks to Mr OSIM, I am enjoying the uPapa Hug in the comfort of my favourite arm chair & with my legs taken care of by the iSqueez. I am OSIM-nised but I am thrown off by the price tag that comes with the uDream. It is completely out of my reach so another alternative will be to buy different products to form my own uDream, in this case, I named it as ‘jDream’.

Isn’t this cool?  I am lurving my creativity! For sure they are different products being combined so definitely, the results will not be as comfortable as the exact massage chair. If I have the means, getting the uDream will no longer be a DREAM.

I love to go for spa services such as 1- 2 hours of full body massages. My longest record will be 3 1/2 hours during my getaway in Phuket . It is not always easy to book an appointment in Singapore especially during the festive months. And when laziness creeps in, I am marvelled by the technology such as the above gadgets, all at the comfort in my room.

It is simply delightful and soothing to hear the familiar drum-massage rhythmic sounds & experience strong ‘punches’ at the aching areas. I literally felt as though there is really someone massaging me. Simply lurve the ‘me’ time especially after a very long day, meeting & dealing with very difficult people, and being able to pound all these frustrations way with my uPapa Hug !

Such bliss indeed, you can totally see it on my face

Don’t you lurve it when you are in control? With my own massaging devices, I can determine how long I like to have the massage for, without additional charges. Plug in my iPod and select my favourite song list or to read a book – I am all set and most importantly, no hassle of changing and at times ‘pleading’ to squeeze my slot in the schedule. Also if need be, I can pause the massage as and when I like and continue with it again. I love my room. And the new venting outlet to tackle my body aches and mental frustrations, to reset and start each new day afresh! =)

Everyone should let go of their frustrations & negative feelings at the end of the day so maybe there will be lesser grouchy and more happy people. Give someone a smile today!


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