Bad Economy? Look for Value!

Much has been said about intangible gifts for your family and loved ones in my last article. Let’s look at our options of gifts that will take a fraction of our bonuses, and may even burn a hole in our wallet. Whatever it is, the gift must hold a certain value, not necessarily in terms of dollars and cents. I’m sure you won’t buy a gift that will do nothing but sit in the store room after Christmas?

A friend of mine, a very filial one at that, asked me about the uDream. He intends to buy one for his mother this Christmas. I think this makes an extremely good investment. Old folks don’t usually like to go out much, let alone to those swanky spas and oily massages. Since we can’t bring Mum to the mountain, why don’t we bring the mountain to Mum? And the entire family can sneak onto the mountain when Mum’s napping too! Great plan my friend! Go for it!

Many times over, I hear complaints about how stressed people are at work, in relationships, and in life. When we get the engines of our brain started in problem solving, do you agree that it continues to work even when we are asleep?

I’ve been born with not much a crowning glory to talk about. And through the years, I may have lost millions of strands to over-styling, damaging hair products, late nights, sleep deficiency, and even stress. Being constantly stressed can cause many ailments, one of which is headaches that just refuse to go away.

*Natalie Portman is ravishing, but how many of us can pull this off? Or do we even have the courage to show the world our hairless head?*

For the past few months, I have been taking extra notice of the bald patches on my head. It seems much easier to see the scalp as days pass by. I got really worried and headed for hair growth and tonic products. It is certainly cool to be Natalie Portman, but I still want the options of looking feminine in a dress when the occasion calls for it.

The instructions on the product reads: Apply evenly, then massage for 10mins.

I was diligent in application. However, when it comes to massage, it reduces every time. Occasionally, laziness got the better of me and I’ll be guilty of skipping the massages even when I’m sitting in front of the television.

Here comes uCrown2 ! Nope, not those bling bling Miss World crowns you see on the beautiful women every year. This one vibrates, squeezes, and even talks to you!

A first look at the helmet looking device reminds me of a scary scene I watched on a television serial during childhood days. How many of you have seen that period drama pugilist who uses a weapon that can take away one’s head by throwing a space-saucer looking thing at his opponent’s head?

Well, don’t misunderstand me. uCrown2 certainly does not look like that. It’s just my imagination running wild. We always say do not judge a book by its cover. And this is so true. uCrown2 proves this theory.

I use this to massage my head after tonic application. The Crown massager works exactly how I want it to, which is to improve circulation to my crown area where I may be balding. I can immediately feel the tingling sensation. There isn’t a need for my lazy self to massage the scalp! Bravo!

Apart from the crown, it massages the forehead, temple and lower head to sooth tired eyes, stress, fatigue and provide relief for headaches. There is a nice and gentle voice speaking to you in English or Mandarin. The effect is almost hypnotic! A choice of water, jungle, or nature sounds reminds me of those you hear in spas for relaxation.

uCrown2’s mobility came as a pleasant surprise. I was expecting myself to be stranded near the power socket for 15mins but was especially pleased to find out that it is battery operated and lightweight.

For mothers who get frequent headaches from shouting at the top of their voice, balding dads, boyfriends and spouses at the mercy of stress, I strongly recommend uCrown2.

It’s really affordable, and serves the whole family. This is what I call value.

More value to talk about! OSIM is offering bundled deals this Christmas season! You may even be able to pick up 2 gifts at a lower price! Check out the OSIM website!


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