It’s all about giving thanks

It has been such a blissful week because I feel so, so loved. Thank God for family & friends. I thought this year’s birthday will be a very simple & low profiled one because I haven’t been socializing much. Well, to my surprise, the celebrations stretched over a week!

I have been toning down on a lot of night activities and heading back to home-sweet-home before 12am, which earned me a compliment that I am becoming much disciplined.

Truth be told. Sometimes I am just too hooked to online drama series, namely Korean & Taiwanese idol dramas. Haha. See, another reason why I lurve my room. It has everything to keep me entertained from books, music, Internet, exciting drama series to my collection of OSIM products! Lurving the latest uPapa Hug…papa…papa! 🙂

That said, I do have my fair share of meeting friends over meals, singing sessions to chilling out in our fave hangouts & enjoying nonsensical gossips. Such great joy!  As long as all these do not stretch beyond midnight for I totally enjoy my beauty sleep with either a face or eye mask on.

So da birthday week started with sizzling Korean BBQ with my ‘foursome’ group! Woo, lurve the aroma of those fattening meat when they are being BBQ’d while chilling out in Timbre, enjoying the live band amid a beautiful night view.

And to add on to my first attempt of the year – a visit to Ma Maison with Daisy! (Ma Maison serves up a fusion of Japanese + French cuisine) Daisy is my very healthy girlfriend who religiously runs 5km everyday before heading to work. She is such a doting friend who cooks both Western and Chinese cuisine; we are always in for a treat! Lurve her grilled Char Siew, Chicken rice, mini burgers & mushrooms stuffed with minced pork. Simply irresistible.

The celebration was followed by yummy-licious crispy, thin-crust pizza with generous mix of bacon & cheese – a treat by A, Ands and my goddaughter, T. T never fails to cheer me up and bring a smile to my face. She is uber generous with her smiles when you pucker your lips & she has this aura of charisma even at 6 months. Such charm.

Towards the last day of the week, we headed off to a Thai restaurant in bustling Orchard Road, twinkling with festive lights. The beef glass noodles in thick brown broth are to die for. It tastes exactly like those pushcarts along the streets of Bangkok and the Thai iced tea and brought back sweet & fun memories when I was there over the weekend SHOPPING!

Lastly, a must mention is the ‘Michelin rated’ chilli crabs with generous roe whipped up by my Mummy dearest. She went to the wet market super early to get hold of the freshest. Yes, crabs mean super high cholesterol but this time round, we dug in and cast our worries aside. My mum is the best! I reckon her special must-have ingredient has got to be love!

A tad mushy but I just want to express my gratitude & love to all my friends and especially my family. Life will not be this enjoyable or manageable without your love & support! Love you all loads.

Do you have any similar sweet & heart-warming experiences to share?

It’s time for some love!

Of late, have you told loved ones that you care & appreciate them? Have you forgiven someone who had done you wrong or sought forgiveness from someone whom you have hurt?

Do it now for you do not know what may happen next. I do not believe in living a life full of regrets or resentment. God bless – Jan


3 responses to “It’s all about giving thanks

  1. hey jan, the crab loooookkkkssss very good. U lucky girl, blessed to have a talented chef mommy!

  2. U surely got alot of bdae celebrations! Luckily u gt ukimono…

  3. Heya Ands,
    Yeah, my mum is also a great cook, tho I am missing the laksa…hahaha…

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