Let’s Gather Our Resources and Share

Christmas season is a time for giving and sharing.

As mentioned in my last article, time spent with loved ones is probably the most treasured gift this season.

Many of us are blessed to have our loved ones (though we may often take for granted) sharing the love and joy this festive season. Be it spouses, children, partners, soul mates, parents, siblings, or even friends. But, please stop and look outside our circle, there are many who are not as fortunate.

Yes. I’m referring to the abandoned kids in children’s’ home, the orphans, the unmarried old folks, and the old folks that unfilial children conveniently housed in homes without visiting them for years.

Many years back, I used to volunteer and spend once a week at a few blocks of the rented 1-room HDB flats in Jalan Bukit Merah. We collected old clothes, newspapers, and other items that can be recycled and converted to cash. With the extra funds, we then proceeded to buy the daily necessities for the old folks. Their wish list could be as simple as a rice cooker, a cheap fan, or even an extra pack of rice.

Apart from providing them with their needs, we gather the old people (who are mostly living alone) at the void deck and engage in activities and interaction. We chat and sing with them. Sadly, through talking to them, you’ll get to realize that they tend to just live every day with nothing to look forward to, except for the days they would rest forever. We want to let them know that we care, and that they are not all alone in this world. We want them to know that there is joy during their golden years.

*Let us do what we can to put a smile on their faces*

Most people will be fussing over decorations of the Christmas tree in their homes, planning and making sure that gourmet food is enough for everyone invited, and crossing out the gifts that are placed under the tree, taking care not to miss anyone out.

But to these less privileged groups of people, their priorities may be so different. Abandoned kids and orphans may wish for cheap toys they never had before, or even just a tender loving kiss and a hug from loved ones. But, the latter may just be a wish that will never ever come true…

Couple of months back, I saw a documentary covering the story of what some kind souls and volunteers do for the old folks in Singapore. Nowadays, they convert the void deck into a place to socialize, where old folks mingle and partake in activities together. Some of them play Mahjong, do light exercises, chat, and eat there, spending the entire afternoon there with good company. At least they don’t feel lonely.

*Do you think it will be a good idea to donate the uSqueez Warm to the centre?*

I remember seeing some old folks having to massage their feet. And usually at this time of the year, the temperature goes down and can get quite cold for them. The uSqueez Warm should come in useful as the massages provide blood circulation, coupled with heat therapy. And by donating it to the centre and not only individuals, all of them will benefit from it.

It was one cold sleepy night while I was sitting in my windy living room. I felt the immediate need to get a squeeze and some warmth for my cold feet. It better be good, I thought. I had a hard time fitting the big box into my tiny car and carrying up to my place alone!

Wow, I never regretted the solo transportation process. Thanks to OSIM, I fell asleep on my couch and woke up 2 hours later with my feet still in the uSqueez Warm. Sorry Squeezy (my iSqueez), please make way for two weeks.

Hey people, back to the discussion about donating a uSqueez Warm.

Anyone of you would like to do something meaningful this Christmas? Shall we deliver a set of uSqueez Warm to the centre as a gift for the pioneers of our beautiful country?

If I could gather 15 people, it will just be slightly below $50 per person. It’s been a while since I last did anything to make their day. What about you?

Drop me a comment if you are keen on this ok? It’s never too late.

Looking forward to your interest flowing in…


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