Tuck in !

“Janet, let’s have a Christmas party in the office! My wife can take care of the turkey. She’s very good with that!” my senior IT manager suggested enthusiastically.

No surprise that the suggestion came from him. He’s the ultra sociable type and loves company.

“I’ll bring drinks. Can’t cook, sorry,’ said another. “Sure, and I’ll bake the fruit cake!” I chipped in. I have the recipe for an incredibly irresistible rum fruit cake and now’s the time to show it off.

The thought of festive goodies distracted us for a while. While everyone started to get excited over the party planning, I surfed for lamb recipes.  Turkey has never been a favourite of mine, it being dry and tough most of the times. In fact, most people I know eat turkey as a celebratory gesture more than the fact that they really enjoy the taste.

Most looks better than it taste, or is it just me?

Most traditional Chinese families do not take to lamb. My family is no exception. My recollection of having the best lamb dishes was that of first class, after the meal service of course.  The generous and succulent slabs still leave its lingering aftertaste in my memory.

The sprig of rosemary (in the photo) reminds of the time when the crew were rushing during the service and the elusive rosemary could not be found. Plating (airline term for arranging food on large dinner plates in premium class) is an art. The various herb garnishes adds the visual ‘height’ to the main course and final touches.

When an artist loses the final stroke, it’s panic time! It’s just a garnish, you might think but to the airline, this visual effect that rounds up the overall aesthetic appearance is but a must.

This reminds me of the unforgetable roasted lamb I had onboard many Christmas ago

The thought of Christmas goodies has obviously gotten many drooling.  So where will you be during Christmas?  Many of my friends have reserved seats to pig out at the buffets.  Honey baked ham with honey sauce, rack of lamb, Christmas pudding; roast turkey stuffed to the max, eggnog, apple cider … major slurp at the smorgasbord!

Eating out is a major obstacle for all healthy eaters because it’s so easy to go overboard in the calorie department.  When party invitations start flooding in, parties mean alcohol and with the best will in the world you will want to enter the party spirit and enjoy a drink.

The dampener is that we all know that alcohol is high in calories (1g = 7kcal).  Of course, some choose to ignore it, especially after one too many.

Know any of the tips below? Do practise them!

* Try alternating alcoholic drinks with low calorie non-alcoholic drinks or water

* Use low calorie/diet mixers – it can make a big difference

* Make wine into a spritzer (adding a low-calorie soft drink) – a longer drink means you will drink less

*Don’t Skip Meals to Allow for Drinks

*Don’t be tempted to skip meals to allow for drinks – you’ll feel the effects of alcohol much faster

In fact, eating a proper meal before you go out will line your stomach and slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. This will keep you in control of how much you eat and drink.

My personal method is to suck on a really sour preserved plum as it works well for me. Do you have any to add to the list?

From time to time, we see young people drunk to the world and being dragged out parties and clubs by their friends – not a pretty sight at all. Surely, the pretty girl I witnessed, who left with a trail of pee as a grand exit would not be visiting the same club for a long time to come.

What every you do, watch your intake and don’t get carried away by the festive mood and end up doing something you might regret thereafter. Yes, we are not talking about calorie-counting here. Have sensible fun and you’ll wake up post celebration morning with wonderful memories and zero hangovers!

Have a great time everyone!


3 responses to “Tuck in !

  1. Those photos left me salivating and reaching into my fridge for food!

    It’s interesting to know how a piece of garnish can add another dimension to the presentation of food.And i’ve checked – rosemary and lamb are made for each other!

  2. hey J,
    this device looks interesting. how big is it & pricewise any idea?

    • hi ag,

      are you referring to the uSonic for cleaning accessories? This nifty gadget is really light and convenient. All it take is 5 minutes ! 🙂

      neat price at $118 🙂

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