I am totally inspired!

My mum & sis will automatically glance at my shopping bags whenever I get back from shopping, without even saying “Hello”. Instead, they greet me with “What have you got there?” I guess this is the new trend of showing how much they love me. Ha, just kidding. They do sincerely love me loads. They make me feel like ‘Santa Claus’ has been visiting me more than the norm. I’m simply blessed.

They are simply amazed each time & extremely curious about the contents of my bags. This time round, I whipped out another 2 new inventions by OSIM and they both squealed. Really love the excitement and sparkle in their eyes when thoughts of using the gadgets came to their mind. I’m thrilled to share my blessings. They are occupying the not so spacious chambre (bedroom in French) of mine. Just like the Japanese cartoon character, Doraemon; I have almost everything to keep me entertained in da room!

Out of the many birthday celebrations & meet-ups with friends during Christmas, some are actually done on a yearly basis. Yes, we accumulate all of our happenings and blast them in 1 meeting so usually they will tend to end later than your usual gathering. But I am not complaining because at least everyone will make an effort to show up rather than having many separate meet-ups which only a few can attend.

Before these hearty feasts and meet-ups, I enjoy being my own stylist, mixing & matching the different outfits to create unique looks. My favorite will have to be the accessories! They are not just a ring, necklace or bangle but play the important role of jazzing up & creating a whole interesting feel for us- the Fashionista!

The love for shopping & collecting of accessories had intensified since my stewardess days & I do not mind spending loads on them on a single trip, especially those from London, U.S, Taiwan, Korea, Japan & Bangkok. My collection has dwindled after clearing & passing plenty to sis & friends due to space constraint.

Singapore being sunny & humid, many of my previous accessories have thus tarnished due to an owner who has very high body metabolism rate, perspiring as if there is no tomorrow- me! And it is cumbersome and such a hassle to have them polished. Besides, I am a busy woman, you know.(a perfect excuse for my laziness!)

I am absolutely thrilled to be introduced to a very friendly & cutesy small gadget –  the uSonic, to relieve me from the embarrassment of very ‘dirty’ & old looking accessories.

Earlier on, I went to the ION outlet to better understand the functions & instructions to its usage. Kind Edmund was on duty & once again he patiently showed me how.

‘Wow’ was written all over my face. ‘You mean just put them in, just this easy?’ That was my exact thoughts then as I continued to listen intently to Edmund as he unraveled the beneficial functions.

That’s him

Once home, I gathered my sis, her accessories & mine and the cleaning process began.

The end results?

We are once again proud owners of these shiny accessories

Leaving behind dirty residue

Just like OSIM’s tagline, Inspiring Life, I am definitely inspired!

Now I am ready for all celebrations…bring them on! Weee…


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