Healthy lifestyle starts from you!

Dear blog readers,

There are many ways for you to keep fit and healthy. It all starts within you! If you do not have the motivation, it could be hard to keep a positive mindset. Imagine listing out an exercising plan and not following it regularly. Guilt will slowly seep in when you realise you have not been keeping up with your plans.

If you find your exercise activities boring, it just means that you’ve chosen the wrong kind. Exercising should be fun and you must be able to enjoy yourself when you participate in it. If you find yourself dreading to participate in your activity, it’s time for a change.

Go ahead and try out these few pointers when you are planning for your exercise activities:

  • Call a friend to do the exercise activities with you. Having an exercise buddy equals more fun! Be it jogging, swimming, cycling or walking, having someone to do it with you makes it easier and it could also be a motivation for you to exercise!
  • Do your exercise activities at an interesting place. From the pavements to the parks, find an interesting place that could keep you away from boredom when you do your activities. 
  • If you are exercising alone, plug in your ears with music to get you going!
  •  Add variety to any of the exercises that you do. This ensures that you are trying out something new everytime.

If you are trying to make exercising as one of your new year resolutions for 2010, remember to use the above tips as you plan out your exercise schedule. 

For more health tips like this, do check back here regularly on our blog!


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