Perfect Mist

I love window-shopping & am often fascinated with the latest fashion trends and technology gadgets in town. What better time to do so & for excuses to be able to make actual purchases for the New Year! Decided to shop during my leave & mustered the courage to hit busy Orchard Road, as there are many new shopping malls with the familiar brands.

And while doing my ‘ritual rounds’ in ION, I stopped by the OSIM outlet to say hi to Edmund. We chatted for a while and asked him if I could try out the uDream. But like a kid, I was easily distracted and shifted my attention to an egg look-alike product. According to Edmund, it is the uMist.

A humidifier that works splendidly in cold countries. In our case, in sunny Singapore! This will work very well for people who are constantly in air-conditioned room for prolonged hours.

You may not know the immediate ‘harm’ being in the air-conditioned room. Besides dry lips, I always feel dry cracks near my ankles and elbows. I hate those dry, white scaly skin, they make one look like a reptile. One of my ex-colleagues even had mild cold rash which she could not stop scratching, resulting in ugly scratch scabs. The usual moisturers & body lotions no longer work for her so she has to resort to applying prescribed medicated lotions regularly. So one shouldn’t be complacent & have the mindset that prevention is better than cure.

Kind Edmund demonstrated on how to use the uMist. It has a very clever & safe capability – it automatically switches off when the water tank dries up. There will be no incidents of overheating of the gadget that could cause fire.

And I am impressed that after loading the water, it is still very light & suitable for the elderly as well. I think it will benefit ah ma (grandma) especially since her skin is full of wrinkles & she doesn’t like applying moisturer. Maybe this will be a good present for her. Shall propose that to my parents.

I like the clean & simple color, white with a touch of relaxing light green that will definitely match any design or renovation themes in the office or at home.

Lastly, this will make a good gift as it is affordable & one can go buy off the rack because of its light weight. Due to time constraint, I had to leave without exploring the other smart gadgets or uDream but I told myself to visit soon, real soon.


5 responses to “Perfect Mist

  1. Is this humidifier still available? I would like to get one

  2. Can i use your baby humidifier as an essential oil diffuser?

  3. I’m using the umist baby btw:)

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