Are Your New Year Resolutions Within Your Reach?

Happy New Year to Everyone and let us welcome the new decade!

It can be quite scary how time flies. It is now 2010! This is the time of the year when everyone starts drawing up a to-do list and making resolutions as a guide to what they want to achieve in the year.

Hmm… What resolution did I make last year? Oh my… I can’t recall. Or did I even make any resolution? *thinking hard*… How about you? Did you achieve what you want to achieve for 2009?

I don’t know about you. But if I do make a New Year resolution, there must be something I want to change for the better, to achieve something, or to improve certain aspects of my life.

2009 flew away so quickly that when I look back, I realized I have wasted a year of my life. I seemed to have achieved none all the 3 criteria I mentioned earlier. What have I done? What a shame huh?

I don’t know if this has happened to you before. Some of us were so motivated in making the same resolutions yearly. It is either to raise the numbers in our bank account, in getting the boss’s recognition for the promotion, landing the new job, quit smoking, eating healthier, exercise more, spending more time with family, or just plainly to live happier.

But most of us fail to stick to them time and time again. And after a few months, we become discouraged and succumb to giving up. And the cycle continues.

There seems to be so much we can achieve when we were younger. The sky’s the limit. As we get older, the expectations of what we have of ourselves becomes higher. And we tend to set goals that may not be within our control. Therefore, we end up being disappointed and negative.

Then again, if everything is planned, smooth sailing and given to you since the day you were born, won’t life be dull and meaningless as you do not have your own goals and challenges?

*How many of you can remember the green paper license many years back?*

I got my green colored laminated driving license four days before I turned 19. It was the greatest birthday gift for me. During those times, it’s a big deal! I scored in a single attempt within 3-4 months of intensive practice and lessons (and NO! I didn’t wear low cut!). It didn’t bother me that it’d cost a month’s salary; I would have sacrificed two Louis Vuitton for this. Once I set my mind to it, I will do it. No amount of temptations can make me waver.

I love cars. I want one that I can call my own, a car that displays my personality and character, a car that I can enjoy the drive and be attached to it. But it must be affordable. I do not wish to pay an arm or a leg for it. The search wasn’t long. I was attracted to Mazda MX-5 instantly. It’s a brilliant lifestyle car, a roadster that seats two, fun, and definitely alluring. And most important of all, it’s the most affordable convertible available.

For 10 years, I refuse to compromise on a normal 4-door car. I am very prudent and I knew if I had bought any other cars, I would eventually change it for a MX5. Finally, I bought my first car 7 years ago, my MX5. To date, I still drive it and enjoying every minute of the wind in my face. She has been really good to me.

When I was 23, I gave a shot at motorcycle lessons. Strange, you may think. Why would I need a Class 2B license if I already have a Class 3? Well, it is to satisfy my fantasy of riding a scooter during my teenage days. I saw girls in Taiwan and Japan riding their cute little scooters, dressed in their pretty dresses. It’s really cool! On the other hand at the driving school, the other students looked at me as if I’m an alien because I was the oldest lady rider there. I had the last laugh because being more careful and mature, I passed on one attempt.

*Best way to get to Marina Bay for fireworks on New Year’s Eve ushering in 2008.

Where’s the jam?*

I now own a white Vespa that I call Charlotte. Due to the weather and layer of dust that settles on my face every time I ride, Charlotte only clocked 2000km in 4 years.

Addicted to collecting licenses, as my friends described, I tried my hands on Powered Pleasure Craft, also known as motorboat. I was 24. Due to practices that didn’t turn out too well, I gave up after I passed my theory prior to my practical test. I wasn’t confident I could make it. However, this was always at the back of my mind. How can I be a quitter? I must accomplish whatever I set out to do!  My love for water sports and jet-skis prompted my second attempt. I made it through this time round, 8 years later, but better late than never.

All these were not achieved within a year. It took me more than a decade.

My strong belief: If you set your mind to do something, persevere and work on it. It may not happen in year 2010, but hey, we have the whole decade! As long as you don’t quit, you will definitely succeed.

I’ve just given myself another resolution this year. It is to set up my own business. This thought has been with me ever since my flying days. I’m still working on possibilities and opportunities. I’m sure I will make it happen, hopefully by the end of 2010.

Remember people, New Year resolutions are made to be a driving force, a motivation, a goal to work towards. So, don’t lose hope by the past failures. Let us work towards our goal with optimism.

Good luck and all the best, with love.


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