Blend personal space with uSoffa Petit

Dear blog readers,

Are you feeling stressed up and tired lately? If your answer is yes, you may need to learn some tips to enjoy and engage in some useful “me-time” by yourself.

What is “Me-time”? A simple definition would be to make time for yourself. Sounds easy? Well, all you need to do is to allocate some time to yourself at the end of your day. Use that time to reflect and relax!

Some easy “Me-time” tips that you could use:

  • Exercise – Go for a short walk or jog at the end of your day, this reduces stress level
  • Start a pet project – Take up a new hobby that you could carry out alone!
  • Do your favourite things – Use 20 minutes each day to do something you like!

Want to know more tips like these? Go to uSoffa Petit’s microsite to find more!

What about your “Me-time”? Do you have a “Me-time” tip to share with the rest? Tell us more on your definition of “Me-time” in the comments section here on our blog!


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