New Year, New Eating Habits!

Dear blog readers,

Hope you had a good time this past weekend! With 2009 behind us, it’s time to motivate ourselves to a healthier 2010! Keep this in mind, there are no secrets to good health besides eating and living well. If you have been eating sensibly during the holiday season, keep it up! For those of you who’ve been eating unnecessarily, be sure to cut back this month.

Here are some healthy eating habits that you could adopt in this New Year:

  • Try to include portions of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans in your daily meals 
  • Cut down on your snacking habits: If you do need to snack, try snacking on fruits and salads instead!
  • Have many small meals a day: Doing this would help balance your blood sugar level
  • Add lean proteins to your diet: Chicken, fish, poultry and dairy products!

Start by trying out these healthy habits to improve your diet this 2010!


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