It is still about Shopping…

This time round, yet another visit to update myself with OSIM products that I didn’t manage to cover since the last visit. Before heading out, I mapped out my shopping route as per norm & was happy that it is extremely easy to include the new kid (OSIM) on the route, as there are many outlets widely spread in Singapore.

And this time round, my friend who cooks really well, Daisy & her hubby invited me to join them for shopping. They both wanted to check out the OSIM products after knowing the great bundle deals online. See Internet does wonders, bringing people closer despite sharing different GMT. Well, fortunately, we stay & work rather near each other so it made shopping a lot more enjoyable & exciting.

Daisy excitedly filled me in on the different gift bundles when we met up over delicious Japanese cuisine. The couple got hitched about 1 year ago & now family members, nieces/nephews & even friends are multiplied by 2.

Little did we realize that OSIM is renovating their Vivo city outlet. They are now temporary situated inside Best Denki near the entrance. Not to worry, those luxurious massage chairs are too good to be missed.

I can’t wait for the new outlet to be launched, as the current space is not doing justice to the exciting variety of products that they have. That said, we are still impressed with the consistency layout of the store. Customer service has not compromised as a result as well. Perhaps they may not carry as much stock as the other larger outlets, but not to worry, the next nearest outlets will be Raffles City & ION.

In the midst of the sales associate’s demonstration to the couple, I was intrigued by a really cool & new age gadget nicely showcased at the other end of the ‘store’. I made a silent exit towards it and was carefully examining & trying to make out what it was when I heard, ‘You want to give it a try?’

The kid in me, yet again, immediately shouted a quick ‘Yes’ & the friendly sales associate introduced the uCrown 2. It is a stress relieving head massager, similar to human-touch acupressure massage. I heart (love) head massage the most as it helps relieve the ‘heaviness’ I feel at times when work becomes a bit unbearable and overwhelming. Love the light-headed feeling & somehow it makes me feel a couple years younger. I was able to think clearer!

This is how it looks on me; I am once again blown away by the capabilities of a built in timer, 3 pre-programmed music choices & ergonomic design for a perfect fit. It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger head as this crown fits all.

The position of the crown must rest slightly above the eyebrows & the best part is that we can operate it with the touch of the remote controller. This massager is great for people suffering from migraine too.

The first feel of having a helmet look alike over the head can be abit awkward but once the correct fit is obtained and 5 minutes into the massage, one will realize the importance of technology, intelligence & creativity behind uCrown2. It is another must-try & must-own gadget.

I had almost forgotten about my friends who were also having great fun experimenting with the other interesting gadgets.

The couple left as very happy shoppers, with loads of love, joy & OSIM purchases. Big Smile!


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