Hitting the big 3 – 0 this year

I had stopped making any New Year (NY) resolution since my teenage years. In fact, I’ve been procrastinating & having brain freeze moments trying to write this, more so that I am crossing over to my 30s. These few days, it has been a deep soul searching on my past achievements & what I want going forward.

It is really amazing & interesting to know from my friends that I have come a long way especially these last 2 years. I can feel the difference too. Well, hardships definitely make one stronger mentally & emotionally.

Let’s just say that I am like a piece of clay having gone through molding, cutting, burning & refining to become a piece of beautiful pottery. For sure, I am still in midst of the process & content with what I have now. Sometimes, I think if I will be happier if I remained as an air stewardess or the Public Relations personnel in the luxury fashion house. Maybe yes, maybe no but one thing for sure is that I had fulfilled 2 of my dream jobs. BIG smile.

My ‘flying’ days

My ‘PR’ days

The current me

So for this new decade, reckon it is more practical for me to have a short-term goal (6 months) as I am more of an impromptu person. My needs & wants change from time to time but now they are becoming more practical, constant & simple. Oh to side-track, I admire this guy who embarks on a 365-day of love- spreading to people around him, from people he knows to complete strangers on the street. Such self-less love! Totally inspiring to read his posts at http://jaesonma.com/ daily.

Back to my short-term (ME) goals. I will want to focus more on my health & fitness aspect. Hitting the 30s means I will have to put in more effort to take care of my body. I want to cut down on my meat, rice intake & incorporate diets like pumpkin or clam chowder soup with bread.

I am absolutely a carnivore & high cholesterol junkie. Korean BBQ meat, juicy medium raw steak to roasted char siew & chicken, all accompanied with a bowl of rice are very much preferred.  So all these are going to be a very great challenge but my body will love me for this. Hee.

I am also trying to trade in my all time favorite char kway teow & satays for chicken or plain rocket salad with balsamic salad dressing. And those salty potato or chili tapioca chips have to go.

And as for the fitness aspect, I am trying to train to complete 10km under or within an hour for my upcoming race in May. It will be another 4 and half months prior the race so it will still be achievable.

Also conscious efforts are made to maintain and to increase my current training days of once weekly. 2 – 3 times per week of running will be ideal. Three groups of friends have already booked me for our regular runs so it is a good start.

That’s all for now, I will re-evaluate these in March and meanwhile, pray that I will be disciplined ENOUGH to stick to them. (Grin)

Cheers to all who are turning 30 this year too!

Love, J


2 responses to “Hitting the big 3 – 0 this year

  1. Cheers to a blessed 2010!

  2. heya!
    Nice surprise, yeah, blessed 2010 too! =)

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