It doesn’t have to hurt

I had my first foot massage at the ripe age of 33 and fell in love with it. I guess it pretty much helped that the person providing the service was my charming other half.

Something about the combination of sensual touches, sweet smelling lotion and the knowledge that I could totally relax in his safe strong, hands proved lethal.

Yes, to the extent of waking up an hour later and missing out on the ‘shiokness’ of the mellowing session.

I practically slept like a puppy …

This was nothing like the sessions my folks and their friends used to go through at the ubiquitous Chinese foot reflexology parlors. Theirs was often coupled with screams and contorted faces that clearly spelt physical agony.

“It has to hurt to be of any use,” one of the older ladies used to say. “If it’s very painful, that means you have many problems to ‘repair’ in your system!” How many of them put up with this so-called logic, I seriously don’t know and definitely not comprehend. Why does something have to hurt so badly to derive some good in this instance?

When I did my own bit of research online, I came across this statement.

According to many podiatrists, the distress resulting from unattractive feet or toenails can be extreme. Even married patients may try to keep feet hidden from their spouse – sleeping and even having sex with socks on. For individuals who are too embarrassed to enjoy the benefits of a sensual foot massage, it’s important to address the underlying issue – foot appearance.”

That’s such a shame, really… more often than not; I believe that their partners do care more about their physical and mental pleasure than unpleasant –looking feet.  Besides, with a little more care and arsenal of beauty tools to keep their feet looking better, they’ll get to enjoy the beauty of a bonding session through sole massages.

And if all else fails, there’s always this you can fall back on.

OSIM often surprises us with its innovative products and uSqueez Warm is no exception. To tell the truth, I wasn’t too expectant initially. I really didn’t think that by slipping my feet into the slots and activating a few simple buttons could allow it to reach vital pressure points.

But it did! I can imagine this to be the next BFF of heel-loving ladies – pure godsend in the absence of the better half.

The best feature for me has got to be the heat therapy. With my feet slathered with thick Body shop Peppermint foot lotion and nicely wrapped in cotton socks, I was ready for a foot spa.

One session later, my feet actually felt lighter and softer! Call me crazy or what, my next attempt was using my hands ; dried ‘sticks’ tired out from typing away on the keyboard every day.

Know what works really well with this? This is a personal tip from an ex-aircrew colleague which somehow got proliferated due to its wondrous results:

*Mix lemon juice with coarse sugar and scrub away gently at your hands and feet.

*Rinse off with tepid water and soak in warm milk (if you’re in a luxurious mood) for 5 minutes.

*Smother with your favourite hand cream, don socks and get Warm with uSqueez



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