Beautify your home with uSoffa Petit

uSoffa Petit is what you call the ideal sofa. It is stylish, chic and it comes with Relaxing Airbag massage for your lower body and Kneading & Rolling Reflexology massage for your calves, ankles and feet.

uSoffa Petit is compact and you can effortlessly place it at any cozy corner of your home.  With 5 different lifestyle colours to choose from, you could complement it with any style and decor of any modern living space.  

To impress your guests this Lunar New Year, choose uSoffa Petit in Cherry for a prosperous and vibrant feel:

uSoffa Petit in Tangerine could bring out the warmth and brightness to your living room: 

Cocoa and Plum make a chic colour combination. Place them both adjacent to each other and a cozy louge area is formed:

uSoffa Petit in Olive is a relaxing shade that will bring you closer to nature:

To visualise how uSoffa Petit could fit into your living space with different colour accents, visit: for more. Visit any OSIM outlet/roadshow to experience uSoffa Petit!


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