Throw in the false teeth!

Most women love to dress up. That is a given fact.

However, that said, not every female knows how to achieve the right look, even though they might have an entire wardrobe over -spilling with clothes aka recent Heineken ad.

I’ve always admired the small group who effortlessly (or so it seems) throw on a winning combination. It may not be expensive brands at play, nor the prettiest hues.

Somehow, it appears to be in sync with the individual who manages to carry a certain look. Call it fashion sense, or intrinsic confidence, these women know exactly what they want to wear and who they’re wearing for.


But hey, for the fashion challenged like myself, fret not. Over the years, I’ve learnt that sometimes simplicity and comfort can go hand- in- hand with fashion worthiness, if I could call it that. As I trawl various beauty and fashion topics on popular forums, I realise that more and more women are slowly breaking out of the mould of blindly following trends.

Many a times, all it takes is the right accessories to break the monotony of your standard look.

Large hoop earrings always do the trick for me, drawing attention away from over generous forehead.

After discovering the world of cheap flea market accessories, do I dare say that life has never been the same again? J It certainly has influenced to a large extent, so much so that I took up a simple course in the art of accessory-making.

I was like a child in the candy store, refusing to tear myself away from the plethora of beads, pins and every tiny bit imaginable.

The inconvenience that stems from wearing of such accessories is the constant cleaning. Many people require hypo-allergic material and I’m no exception. No matter how pretty the pair of earrings may be, by mid afternoon, I would gladly have tore out an earlobe just to rid the incessant itch. I guess the lazy side of me know the importance of a good cleanup but chose to ignore.

Before long, I had a grubby collection sitting in a long forgotten corner of the drawer, waiting to be rescued. Ultra gross, tell me about it.

When I received the uSonic, I was pleasantly surprised that this lightweight accessories cleaner look pretty neat too. Just in time to do some major spring cleaning.

My dad’s ancient spectacles that sorely needed to be rid of algae, his magnetic bracelet I bought from the Kris shop catalogue, my mum’s accessories, silverware and of course, my dirty contribution – all went for a bath in this nifty gadget.

3 minutes later, voila! Like what my friend S would exclaim,” Wah, clean like nobody’s business.”

And clean it did. So much so that I was almost tempted to throw in my mum’s false teeth!

(Opps, sorry mum)


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