Plenty of Hope for 2010

2009 has seen many job losses and economic decline around the globe. There are more homeless people abroad, no bonuses to look forward to, and closures of companies causing job losses. It was a very depressing year for many although not very much harm was done to our very conservative and stable country. I hope none of you suffered from the impact and are still holding on to your great jobs.

High hopes for Singapore for the year 2010

According to reports, growth and improvements awaits in 2010. Hopes are high that all will be well and good as long as there aren’t any epidemic cases. As for Singapore, the much anticipated Integrated Resorts and Casinos are finally opening their doors and we should see the positive outlook and vibrancy. Plenty of jobs are being created too.

However to date, the recruit section of our daily paper is still not showing much signs of recovery. In a few minutes, you can thoroughly go through that measly few pages. Two years back, that same section could line a dog’s poo pad for days.

This is worrying for the newly graduated students. With doting parents and their very generous pocket money, do they know the real value of money? How much do they expect to earn to maintain their previously supported spending? I see many of them strut around Orchard Road in their Chanel and designer clothing. Some kids half my age are already zipping around in their set of flashy wheels.

Do these new additions to the working society know what’s in store for them?

As for me, I’m just glad that my career path has been quite smooth. So much so that when I look back, it seems like everything has been planned centuries ago for me. From one job to the other, everything just flows in nicely. I am thankful.

My job criteria were simple. I need to be on the go. I can’t see myself cooped up in the office for 10hours a day. I need to move around. I need freedom. I need to be mobile.

However, just last week, I realized it is possible for me to stay in a spot for a long time.

Picture this. It’s raining cats and dogs outside. I was sitting in a room looking out of a 16th floor apartment with a hot cuppa for companionship. Soothing music playing in the background amidst whistling noise created by the wind and windows ajar. I was on a cozy couch in my “home office” with my lappy in front of me. The whole world is at my fingertips.

How many of you would like to be in my position? No nicely pressed working clothes, no make-up, and no need for travelling to and fro the office.

But do you know what enticed me to have my butt firmly planted on the couch for hours? It is this thing called uMomo.

I’ve never heard about the uMomo prior to this. An OSIM follower for many years, I’ve been greatly impressed with the many products that pampers my feet, shoulders, eyes, back, arms and  head etc. So what does uMomo do for me?

Well, I must say that most importantly, it makes my working hours more enjoyable and shorter.

I’ve always loved massages. Swedish, Shiatsu, hot stones, deep tissue tui na, and Javanese. But all these will take me away from work for at least a few hours including travelling. So, you can imagine how elated I was to be able to work and relax at the same time. Time=Money isn’t it?

It took me only a few minutes to lay out uMomo on my working couch. My first guess of why they named this product uMomo came to mind. There was this brand of car accessories for Japanese cars. They call them the Momo steering wheels and sports car seats. I wonder if there’s and relation to this?

The rest is history. uMomo accompanied me for the hours I spent in front of my lappy. He soothes my back and vibrates to allow blood circulation from my long hours of sitting. Never had I been so keen to work in a stationary position for so many hours.

*uMomo looking smart against my red couch. I’m sure it’ll look as handsome in my red roadster.*

Just the other day, I was caught in a massive peak hour traffic jam. I suddenly missed uMomo. I wish I had him strapped to my car seat. At least the journey would have been less torturing.

I did not know that uMomo comes with an adaptor that allows car charging like those we use for our GPS. Had I known this earlier, with the many hours I spend on the roads, I would have made him my permanent sports seats!

I’m sure I would have been the envy of many other road users… With uMomo, who needs those massage seats that car dealers charges thousands for?

For all the taxi drivers and outdoor sales people out there! You should really consider this product. There isn’t a better way to make commuting more enjoyable!


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