Feng Shui DIY for uSoffa Petit

Good day dear Blog readers!

Lunar New Year is just around the corner! Is everyone excited about it? Well I am!

Every Lunar New Year, it is almost mandatory to clean your house, re-paint your walls and even do some minor re-shifting of furnitures. This is how Feng Shui Colours come in handy. The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui can tell you which colours will invite beneficial energies into your home and your life. You could follow feng shui to improve your luck this Lunar New Year!

Here are some very interesting feng shui tips on colours that would help you and your family:

Get to know more about Feng Shui colours on SELF, Creativity, Knowledge & Spirituality, Travel & Helpful people over here!

Do print out your own Bagua map to do a Feng Shui DIY for your own home! Step-by-step instructions would be given on how to use the bagua map correctly. Visit our microsite to find out more!


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