Spend CNY with OSIM uSoffa Petit!

Dear Blog readers,

How was your long weekend? Hope it went well! Today’s the fourth day of the Lunar New Year and this means that there would be more home-visiting and more goodies to come!

I’m sure by now most of your homes would be nicely decked in fresh auspicious colours to bring in good luck for the entire year! To blend in with your home decor, the fresh 5 colours of OSIM uSoffa Petit would be an excellent idea to beautify and style your home while you host your dinner parties. Not only would it be a good home design piece to boost, it is also a comfortable massage sofa to rest and relax on – making it a cosy space for family & friends to mingle and catch up with!

The uSoffa Petit in Red brings in good luck and not only does it wards off evil, it brings vibrancy into one’s life! How about uSoffa Petit in Purple? Not only does it attracts wealth but it helps to improve the energy of the area when you place it in your living space!

The uSoffa Petit in Tangerine and Cocoa brings in warmth to your living room!

The uSoffa Petit in Olive represents good health for family members, it represents lush growth and rebirth of springtime!

The inviting 5 colours of uSoffa Petit blends in nicely with any home decor design that you have!

Visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/uSoffaPetit/ for more on uSoffa Petit.


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