Protect your Heart

Dear Blog readers,

Do you know that the size of a clenched fist is the size of a average human heart? Our heart is one of the most hardworking organ around. It is at the centre of the human cardiovascular system and acts like a pump to circulate blood all over the body!

We need to take good care of our heart to prevent any cardiovascular diseases. Many, like heart disease and stroke could be prevented.

We could take steps to make sure that we progress our lives with a healthy heart. Quitting cigarettes, lowering your cholesterol & blood pressure and exercising to lose weight could be small but essential steps to improve your health quality. If you think high cholesterol and high blood pressure are only for the old, think again! Young people in their 20s and 30s are also at risk. So what’s best for all of us, is to eat well, exercise well and monitor your health regularly!

To help monitor your family and your health, choose OSIM iCheck 500 to measure blood pressure and body fat percentage. With the same oscillometric techniques used by doctors, you are assured of accurate readings on which to base your health management programme. Each memory bank can store 10 measurements of blood pressure and body fat percentage, for you to chart your progress accurately over time.

It is both useful and convenient for your family and yourself!

To find out more on iCheck 500, visit today.


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