S.H.E Is Coming To Town (18 April 2010)

S.H.E is coming to visit us again! Relive your love for S.H.E on 18 April 2010 🙂

When: 18 April 2010, 3pm

Where: Plaza Singapura, The Atrium

Who: Holders of uKimono Mini Diary (Mini version of the uKimono Diary)

How: With every purchase of the new OSIM uKimono Mini, you will be given a uKimono Mini Diary.

Introducing the all new uKimono Mini

The uKimono Mini Diary will be your passport to the S.H.E autograph session at Plaza Singapura on 18 April. Only limited places available. If you don’t want to risk your chances, be sure to be early! (*Psst* We have seen fans queueing up as early as the night before!)

uKimono Mini Diary given with every purchase of uKimono Mini

Here are some scenes from the last session:

 We hope to see all of you there!


5 responses to “S.H.E Is Coming To Town (18 April 2010)

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  2. Hi,

    What if we bough early and the shop never give us the diary early!!!


    • Hi Helen, the diary would have been given when you bought the uKimono Mini as long as 2 months ago. If you did not receive it upon purchase, kindly approach the outlet which you visited with your invoice to get it. Thank you.

  3. hi ,
    wad if we have the diary . we can go for 3pm ??

    • Hi Jennifer,

      The S.H.E autograph session starts at 5pm, please remember to bring along your uKimono Mini Diary!:)

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